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Share Your News and Events with WestBow Press

WestBow Press authors are making headlines and attracting people to events all over the country. Tell us about your own media coverage and scheduled events via Facebook message. If your news item or event meets the submission guidelines below, we will post your information on our Facebook page and/or Twitter account to help you spread the word.

Event Submission Guidelines:

If you wish to share an event directly related to one or more WestBow Press books, please provide the following details:

  • Your name and book title
  • Event name
  • Event location, time, and time zone
  • Description of what the event is about
  • Description of why the event is being held

News Submission Guidelines:

This is your opportunity to share national news and achievements related to your book(s) with other members of the WestBow Press community.

  • National news items must directly relate to one or more WestBow Press books.
  • News items must reference a valid national news article from a professional organization, such as a newspaper or magazine, a broadcasting station, or an award organization. The referenced article must have been originally published no more than one month prior to the date that you submit it to WestBow Press.
  • Reviews do not qualify as news items, including reviews posted on sites like Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.com. If the reviewer is a well-known and respected authority on the book's subject matter, we will consider the submission further.
  • News items and referenced articles/URLs must be in English and may not support or use pornographic or defamatory language.
  • During the first six months following publication, you may submit an unlimited number of news items about your book to us. After that, authors may submit a maximum of one news item per book per month. With few exceptions, additional submissions will be denied.
  • When describing your news item, please write in complete sentences using correct grammar, capitalization, and punctuation. Descriptions requiring extensive editing may not be posted.
  • When submitting your news item, please mention your name, your WestBow Press book title(s), include the link to the news coverage, and describe how the referenced news item relates to your book(s). Remember: brief, to-the-point descriptions will work best on social media.

Please note:

  • All news items submitted are subject to validation by WestBow Press staff.
  • Text, audio, or video files easily accessed on the Internet (e.g. a newspaper, television station, or radio program's website) are strongly preferred.
  • By clicking the buttons above, you consent to WestBow Press and its affiliates posting your photos and other submitted items to social media. You understand and agree that WestBow Press will never sell, rent or transfer to unaffiliated third parties your personal information, which will be used solely as described in our Privacy Policy.