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Thousands of authors have chosen WestBow Press as their premier choice of Christian publishing. With our association with Thomas Nelson and Zondervan, two of the leaders in the Christian publishing world, WestBow Press is honored to work with so many talented authors. See what some of our authors have to say about their publishing experience with WestBow Press.

Associated with Thomas Nelson

"I just did my research and that's how I found WestBow. And then, I found out that they were a part of the Thomas Nelson company, and that was a major influence because my book is Christian oriented … and I thought that this is where I want to be. It was maybe a gift from God that I even found them."
– J.L. Robb, author of The End The Book

"WestBow Press is an imprint of the renown Thomas Nelson publishers and consequently an author gets an almost automatic feeling of security in working with them that makes them stand out from the hundreds of other self-publishers who could do the job – and that is what makes all the difference."
– Eva Ulian B.A, author of Rajput 

Discovery Opportunity

"We had already had so much success in the market, and Thomas Nelson via WestBow obviously saw that. … Well, then the news got better: Thomas Nelson actually said that 'We want to make [Three Cups] a title – we want to make it a Thomas Nelson title.'"
– Scott Willy, Creator/Designer, Co-founder of Three Cups, LLC

“I wanted to get my story out so I started looking into self-publishing and when I got to WestBow I was impressed by the credibility of Thomas Nelson. It was neat to me that everybody that I talked to there was cognizant of the fact that I was a beginner. … I got a phone call on my birthday and it was from Peter Nikolai from HarperCollins and [now] the book is getting ready to be re-released.”
– David Spurgeon, author of Bikin' and Brotherhood: My Journey 

Follow Your Calling

"I want to play football for the glory of God. As we sat down going over the material and talked through my life, teammates and things I’ve seen happen, we think it’s going to be a really powerful tool to reach people, so that people don’t trust in the jersey, don’t trust in the world, but they learn to trust in God. And, not to let the jersey affect them negatively but let them take the jersey they’re wearing, the platform they have, their life in general, and go use it for God.”
– Hunter Smith, former punter for Indianapolis Colts and WestBow Press author of The Jersey Effect 

"I wanted to make sure that my kids and my wife would have some sort of a memoir of all of the love and kindness that we received during that tragic time. So getting it all down on paper was really a part of my own healing process.”
– John Trautwein, author of My Living Will

"I pay attention when I hear when other kids are having problems or being bullied. It really hurts my heart and bothers me. I think, “Is there anything I can do?” and I know there is something I can do, and this is it. This is one thing I can do where people actually listen to me, and hopefully, I can make a difference.”
– Chris Lytle, UFC fighter and WestBow Press author of Lights Out on Bullying

"I’ve lived out everything that I ever wanted as a kid and that really didn’t satisfy me. The biggest thing I want to tell people is that your relationship with Jesus is by far the most important thing and I want to tell as many people as I can about it.”
– Jarrod Polson, former guard for the University of Kentucky basketball team and WestBow Press author of Living Beyond the Dream 

"I would ask God what could I do for Him, because I was always asking Him to do things for me, and I kept hearing this voice, kept saying 'write your book…' And for 10 years I didn't do it because I just never had time, and finally I did it and I'm glad I did."
–J.L. Robb, author of The End The Book

Dedicated Support Team

"I published a book with you and I can honestly say that each person that I dealt with treated me like royalty. I have recommended you to many others. Good job and thank you."
– Carolyn N, Facebook

"Working with WestBow Press has been a pleasure. They were sincere and professional. They took my dream and perfected it. I’d like to recommend to other authors to be bold and courageous and not wait a lifetime to follow your dreams."
– Mitzi Doster, author of The Lizard in the Laundry

"I want to express my thanks for the personal and professional support I received from the staff at WestBow Press all along the publishing path. It was such a relief to be able to speak with friendly, informed people, and to feel that my book was being handled by competent, caring staff. I will certainly recommend WestBow Press whenever I have the opportunity."
– Marcia Moston, winner of the 2011 Women of Faith Writing Contest and author of Call of a Coward 

"The whole experience so far has been wonderful. They have been helpful and very easy to work with. Everyone I have worked with has done everything to help make my dream a reality. The quality of service has been absolutely wonderful."
– Marvina Bradley, author of God Changes Things

"Your staff is professional and addressed every question I had. I really appreciated them following up with and keeping me informed of the status of my book during the publishing phase."
–Elizabeth Foster, author of The Perfect Gift 

"I wish to extend my sincere appreciation for a job well done and for the entire team working on my book. WestBow Press is a top notch organization which should make the publishing company Thomas Nelson Publishers very proud. Thank you for bringing WestBow Press to fruition - congratulations on an excellent organization filled with God-loving people."
– CD Swanson, author of The Chateau 

"Everything exceeded my expectations and everyone I spoke with was extremely knowledgeable, courteous and professional."
– Jennifer Embury, author of A Drink of Water 

Breath-Taking Design

"I feel that I am part of a team effort where all parties benefit for a professionally finished product. I feel everyone is working their best to get my book finished as a quality product. My book's cover will grab a book buyer's attention, and the galley layout was exactly like I hoped it would be."
– Daniel Farey, author of Testimonials of a Biblical Christian

"The book cover I received from the cover designers is absolutely breath-taking. I found the design team to be professional, helpful and honest. Based on my experience with the design team, I will definitely come back to WestBow Press for any future work I publish."
– Lynnda Ell, author of Changing Me, Change the World

“I'm really impressed with the softcopy and hardcopy of my book. You guys did a great job, from the design to layout to graphics. Thank you!"
– Elizabeth Foster, author of The Perfect Gift 

Stay in Control

"Because of the research involved, I needed a publisher such as WestBow Press that would print my manuscript exactly as it was presented.  Which traditional publisher allows you to do that?"
– Eva Ulian B.A, author of Rajput 

"Not only am I happy with the process (and the finished product), I actually selected WestBow over and above an offer I had from a traditional publishing house, because I liked the support I was offered, as well as the control I maintained! This is a fabulous way to publish! I will do it again, and I will recommend it to others."
– Rhonda K. Kindig, author of Found in Translation 

Speed to Market

"I am amazed and gratified at how quickly this has all been done. I submitted my manuscript only five weeks ago and it's all but finished already! Thank you and God bless!"
– Anne Marie Gazzolo, author of Moments of Grace and Spiritual Warfare in the Lord of the Rings 

"WestBow Press is quick. Your book is published within weeks – it takes years with traditional publishers."
– Eva Ulian B.A, author of Rajput 

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