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Hunter Smith

“I write about the effect of the jersey on athletes and the effect that athletes can have with the jersey.”

Author and former Indianapolis Colt Hunter Smith discusses his book, The Jersey Effect, and reflects on his experience in the NFL.

“Your adversity exists within this crucible called football, which can be a crucible for growth and change and maturity, but in a lot of cases, just isn’t so.”

Author Hunter Smith opens up about the dark realities that athletes face once their careers are over, and in The Jersey Effect, he shares a practical and spiritual guide for moving forward.

“He gave us time, and he made time, whether it was working, or whether it was when he would get home from his other job late at night.”

Author Hunter Smith shares his father’s impact on his life and his book, The Jersey Effect.

“I've come to trust in my status as a Christian football player with a platform.”

Author Hunter Smith reflects on playing in the NFL and discusses The Jersey Effect.

“There are four areas where he believes people need to achieve health, and those areas are athletic, academic, social, and spiritual. Spiritual obviously being the most important and the most all-encompassing.”

Author Hunter Smith discusses Coach Tony Dungy’s involvement with his book, The Jersey Effect.

“We locked arms, we locked hands, and really moved forward to do something great for God through this institution of football.”

Author Hunter Smith discusses the brotherhood of playing in the NFL and its influence on his book, The Jersey Effect.