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Watch authors tell what propelled them to share their stories with the goal of making a difference in the lives of others.


Watch Terita and Aleesa St. Julian's Video Interview

Terita and Aleesa St. Julian

At four-years-old, Aleesa St. Julian self-published her book, The Day I Met Walt, with WestBow Press. With some help from her mother, Terita St. Julian, she recalls how she was inspired to tell her story and how it touches the lives of those around her.

Watch Hunter Smith's Video Interview

Hunter Smith

Author and former Indianapolis Colt Hunter Smith discusses his book, The Jersey Effect, and reflects on his experience in the NFL.

Watch Jennifer Elig's Video Interview

Jennifer Elig

Author and schoolteacher Jennifer Elig talks about the inspiration for writing her three books and why she chose to self-publish with WestBow Press.

Watch John Trautwein's Video Interview

John Trautwein

Former MLB pitcher and WestBow Press author John Trautwein talks about the love his family experienced after his son Will’s passing and how it inspired him to write My Living Will, which he self-published with WestBow Press.

Watch Amy Sorrell's Video Interview

Amy Sorrells

Author Amy Sorrells tells an amazing story of how she started by writing a memoir and ended up getting a traditional publishing contract for her novel, Canary Song. 

Watch Chris Lytle's Video Interview

Chris Lytle

UFC legend turned author Chris Lytle talks about his personal motivation for writing his book, Lights Out on Bullying, and why he chose to publish with WestBow Press.

Watch Mitzi Doster's Video Interview

Mitzi Doster

Mitzi Doster discusses the inspiration behind her children's book The Lizard in the Laundry and publishing with WestBow Press.