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Chris Lytle

"This is one thing I can do where people will actually listen to me and hopefully I can make a difference."

UFC legend turned author Chris Lytle talks about his personal motivation for writing his book, Lights Out on BullyingHe tells about being bullied in his past and worrying that his kids might experience bullying as well. Lytle also explains why he chose to self-publish with WestBow Press.

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Chris Lytle. I’m the author of the new book Lights Out on Bullying. My youngest son Jake has autism and it’s just always something - since I’ve really watched him and noticed him growing up - I just realized I’m very sensitive to that type of thing. I pay attention when I hear that other kids are having problems or being bullied, it really hurts my heart and bothers me. I think, “Is there anything I could do?” and I know there is something that I can do and this is it. This is one thing I can do where people will actually listen to me and hopefully I can make a difference.

If I hadn’t published this book, I think a lot would be lost as far as, like, kids won’t be able to hear from a fighter, that they look at as something who is going to possibly be a bully, and all of a sudden they’re talking to them about not bullying; I think they get a lot from that.

Challenging Readers

As I’m challenging people to step up and to stop bullying and to do things that it is their responsibility. When I challenge people to do that and they say they will accept that challenge that they will stop it next time, that’s a huge reward. That’s kind of the biggest reward I could ever ask for.

Publishing the Book

I tried to figure out who I wanted to have publish this; I really didn’t know. I met a gentleman who worked for WestBow and I started looking into them. They have a lot of different resources so I decided that would be a good one to look into. The more I got to talking to people the more it seemed like a good fit. You have a lot of different access and a lot of different people saying positive things – that’s where you want to go.

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