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Scott Coleman

"Hopefully I’ve come close to expressing my gratitude for the grace that’s been extended my way."

Author Scott Coleman recalls the day that changed his life forever. Scott's story is available in his new book, Best When Broken, available from WestBow Press.

Video Transcript

A Fateful Day

Scott Coleman Remembers

The summer in between my junior and senior year in high school, I was waterskiing with a group of friends. We water-skied from that Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. The rest of the guys wanted to put the boat up but, typical of me, I said, “One more round. One more round,” and we took one more round around the lake. I let go of the ski rope and was headed toward the beach, like I’d done since I was 5 years old, and something happened that day a little bit different. I took a deep dive in very shallow water when I wasn’t expecting to take a dive. As a result, I crushed the fourth and fifth vertebrae that day and became a quadriplegic at the age of 17, which was 32 years ago. It’s hard to believe.

Telling the Whole Story

From the summer that I broke my neck to even in recent years, many people have written newspaper articles and magazine articles trying to tell our story. When I say “our story” it’s definitely not a story just about me. They’ve talked about the accident, survival, and they may have taken an approach where they talk about us getting back to hunting again; they may talk about the business aspect - about how we built the business with me dialing the phone with my tongue or writing with a pen in my mouth; they may talk about my wife and my best friend and how we fell in love, how we’ve traveled and live together, but we never felt they captured the real essence of the story.

Thankful for the Grace of God

I thought, “I need to tell the truth that if not for the grace of God and the grace of my friends and the grace of my family, I’d probably be dead.” We’re all broken. We all have our limitations. But through the grace of God and friends and family, and the encouragement, the prayers and the expectations, they can take your train wrecks and end up having a pretty wonderful life. That’s the theme of the book. Everybody has hard situations that we go through. I just wanted to tell the world that we don’t have to let them defeat us. Hopefully I’ve come close to expressing my gratitude for the grace that’s been extended my way.

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