Overcome Writer's Block and Keep On Writing

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There comes a time in every writer’s career when inspiration falls short, frustration sets in, and the words just don’t appear. The blank, white page and the taunting, blinking cursor seem intimidating — as if someone has just flipped the timer and you are watching the sand fall. There are a number of reasons writers

Keep Writing.

Let your fingers move and type whatever comes to mind. Allow the roaming of your thoughts for anything that strikes a chord or inspires you in a particular direction. Just keep writing. It doesn’t have to be grammatically sound or even have proper flow — just continuous thoughts. If nothing else, you have something real and workable with a possible course of action.

A Writing Schedule.

Implement a writing routine. Whether you prefer morning, afternoon or evening, set a specific time in which you will devote to writing each day. Ignore the idea of writer’s block and show up to write. It may take a moment to begin and you may write about something other than what you sat down for, but you are writing. When you look at that page the same time and place every day, eventually your muse will accompany you.

Writing IS a Job.

When you sit down to write, sit down with the state of mind that you are physically working. View writing more as working at a regular job and less as art. Your intentional thoughts of going to work will help to lift the creative pressure carried as an artist of words.

Build an Outline.

Think about your writing project and break down your idea into smaller segments — whether it’s ideas of possible chapters or, on a larger scale, the beginning, middle and end to your work. Recognize your starting point, where you are headed, and how your ending will compliment the rest of your book. Your outline will provide clarity and help develop a rhythm to the progression of your events as well as open new possibilities for your book.


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