Content Evaluation

What is content evaluation?

Content evaluation is the process in which...

Why does my book undergo a content evaluation?

We perform content evaluations on all books...

How long is the content evaluation process?

The duration of your content evaluation can...

What do you look for during content evaluation?

We review manuscripts and materials for...

What are best practices to make sure my manuscript and materials meet the standards of content evaluation?

Follow these general guidelines to help ensure that your manuscript and materials

If U.S. Copyright is automatic, then why do people register for U.S. Copyright?

U.S. Copyright protection attaches immediately and automatically...

Does citing the source of material clear me of U.S. Copyright infringement?

No. A citation will not protect you in a court of law in a U.S. Copyright case

How do I obtain permission and what do I do with it?

In order to obtain permission, you can contact the original U.S. Copyright

How can I tell if content is US Copyright protected?

In most cases, any picture, material, text, information...

What are WestBow Press content guidelines?

NOTE: These content guidelines set forth our aspirations for your work.