No Doubt It's Love

by Betsy Lowery



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/18/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 366
ISBN : 9781973648307
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 366
ISBN : 9781973648291

About the Book

Sam and Grace never dreamed that the happy news of their engagement would stir up such outright interference—from a pompous aunt, an overeager sister, and a mysterious stranger! On top of that, one of them has a secret that won’t stay buried, and it’s causing second thoughts in the other. With all of this opposition swirling around them, the two forge their own path of discovery while parents, the officiating minister, and a day visitor who’s in town for a football game each impart needed counsel.

If you enjoyed Joan Ryan’s mountainous misadventures in Tennessee (A Stranger’s Promise), don’t miss this sequel, which introduces Joan’s kids and their friends back home in Georgia. And there’s a special perk here for Jane Austen fans...some in this new cast of characters can’t seem to stop quoting Pride and Prejudice!

About the Author

A unique and fresh voice is what reviewers said of Betsy Lowery’s first book Pause: Everyday Prayers for Everyday Women (2004). Now, readers of her novels are talking about her gift for fiction. In A Stranger’s Promise and its sequel No Doubt It’s Love, Lowery uses vivid description, “real” characters, lively events, snappy dialogue, chuckle-out-loud humor and gems of life meaning to entertain and to go a step further than that. Lowery’s personal experience (raised in a Southern Baptist preacher’s family, called into ministry at age 20, now married with two grown daughters) enables her to speak through both the empty nesters and their grown children in this book. A prominent theme, directed especially toward families with daughters, is healthy self-esteem in pre-teen, teen and young adult women with regard to dating and feeling attractive to the opposite sex. Greatly influenced by the books of Grace Livingston Hill, Lowery has included in No Doubt It’s Love a salute to Hill’s body of work.
Lowery’s characters in this book trade a great many quotes from Pride and Prejudice in both lighthearted and serious fashion. That’s an autobiographical glimpse into some authentic fanship, and the placement of each quote or reference produced no small felicity! The works and the characters of Jane Austen continue to know well-merited popularity in print and in film. Lowery counts it a true privilege and a pure joy to walk the path of those saluting and enjoying Austen in this way.
Mrs. Lowery is a native of North Carolina who has lived in the Birmingham, Alabama area since early adulthood. She has degrees in business administration from Mars Hill University and in Christian education from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.