The Chronological Bible Workbook

A Study Guide as Events Occurred in Time

by Linda J. Roberts



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Language : English
Publication Date : 7/5/2016

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Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 342
ISBN : 9781512745702
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 342
ISBN : 9781512745696

About the Book

This workbook is designed to lead you on a journey through God’s Word as events occurred in time. Your trip begins at God’s creation of the world and ends with His revelation to John. Links to photos and maps are provided to help you navigate your trip with God as He creates the world and establishes His relationship with mankind. Experience the ups and downs of His relationship with the Israelite nation culminating in her division, fall and exile. See how God restores Israel and extends His covenant to all people through the birth, death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus. Learn how early Christians and Christ’s apostles were persecuted, but still successfully spread the gospel message. Travel with Paul on his missionary journeys and study his letters to churches and individuals exhorting and encouraging them to keep the faith. Share in the messages of other letters written by James, Jude, Peter, the Hebrew writer and John. Finish your journey with God’s revelation about Christ’s return and discover what will happen when time comes to an end. From creation to Christ’s second coming, this study will allow God to reveal His Word to your open heart and mind in a way like no other.

About the Author

A trained teacher with an advanced degree in Education, Linda has more than 35 years of classroom experience. Over the years, she has developed coursework for a number of classes from the university level to the pre-school stage. In one of her most recent classes, she taught F. LaGard Smith’s Daily Bible In Chronological Order, New International Version, Harvest House, 1984. As she prepared this particular class, she was struck by the fact that the Bible, the greatest book ever written, is usually taught topically, jumping from basic Bible stories to the life of Jesus to instruction on Christian principles, and not cover to cover like a regular textbook. Her degree in education, her background in curriculum development and her teaching experience told her no instructor approaches a classroom textbook in this manner. Class always begins at the beginning of the book where important information establishes a strong foundation of basic concepts and ends at the end of the book where all facts and ideas come together to provide a deeper understanding of the material. Linda decided to use this same approach to help individuals who want to study the Bible from cover to cover. Her Chronological Bible Workbook will direct your study, which begins in Genesis at the beginning of time. As you study, you will travel through events as they occurred. This approach will help you develop a stronger foundation of biblical knowledge leading to a deeper understanding of God’s Word. Your study will end in God’s Revelation to John at the end of time. Linda believes a cover to cover study of the Bible will allow God to reveal His Word to you in a way like no other