Amy Sorrells, the 2011 winner of the Women of Faith Writing Contest

Amy Sorrells, Winner of the 2011 Women of Faith Writing Contest, Wrote in Hopes of Helping Others

Author Amy Sorrells started writing a memoir – which eventually turned into a novel based on Tamar in 2 Samuel – about surviving molestation and incest abuse with the hopes that her book would help other women who experienced similar horrors. Sorrells entered her manuscript, Canary Song (working title), into the 2011 Women of Faith Writing Contest which eventually became the winning submission out of more than 650 entrants. She later went on to sign a traditional publishing contract with David C. Cook.

“I didn’t really have expectations,” says Sorrells referring to the contest. “I wanted it to be read, and I didn’t really care if I won. If even one judge was impacted by it, then that was great.”

She encourages other writers to never give up if they want to become a published author. “I felt kind of a freedom after I hit the ‘send’ button in knowing I had done the right thing by sending it off and somebody would be helped through the process.”