Finding the Courage to Publish: An Interview with Beth Ryan

How to Find the Courage to Publish: Words of Advice from Author Beth Ryan

Is fear of rejection holding you back from publishing the book you’ve had on your heart for years (Click to Tweet)? According to author Beth Ryan, a director at Thomas Nelson, setting aside fear and trusting God with your manuscript can open doors for your book that you never imagined (Click to Tweet).

Upon the release of her book, The Flowering Cross (published by Thomas Nelson), Beth Ryan was interviewed on the radio program Living With Joy. In the interview, she shares how God used a rappelling trip to break her of her dependency on her job, prove that He can be trusted and give her the courage to finally submit her manuscript for publication.

Beth's main pieces of advice to aspiring authors:

1. Don't let fear be the thing that would keep you from submitting your manuscript. I just would encourage you that God is calling us to trust Him, and He has told us He is completely trustworthy in all things.

2. Submit the manuscript or take the risk. I'm so thankful. I've looked back so many times and have been so thankful that God gave me such a tangible thing as a rappelling trip for me to anchor on to. And let my rappelling trip be that inspiration to those in your audience because I had trusted in my job and that had been all I'd ever done and that's not faith.

Listen to Beth's advice and trust in God and perhaps you too will find the courage to take the first step to getting published. At WestBow Press, we are here for you every step of the way to help you publish the book you’ve always envisioned.

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