For the author who wants to use the power of words to make a meaningful and lasting impact, Connect is a comprehensive package combining our superior production and editorial support with an expansive suite of marketing services.

Your WestBow Press Advantage


  • E-book:  Your book is digitally formatted and downloadable in multiple electronic devices for convenient, on-the-go reading.
  • Softcover*:  Using high-quality paper for the interior and a full-color cover, your book is produced in trade paperback format – a higher standard than mass-market paperbacks.
  • Hardcover*:  Featuring a durable cloth binding, an embossed spine and a full-color dust jacket, the hardcover format allows room for your book description and short author bio on its inside flaps.


  • Editorial Assessment:  An editorial specialist evaluates a portion of your work to determine its publishing readiness and recommends an appropriate editorial service if needed.
  • Cover Copy Polish:  Giving your cover text an edge, our experts turn your back cover copy into professional, marketable material.

Production and Post Production Elements

  • Image Insertions:  Include up to 75 images for your book’s interior pages.
  • Electronic Galley:  Get a preview of your book’s final look and give the final approval for it to go live.
  • Elite Cover Design:  Our experienced design team will help bring your book to life by using image manipulation to incorporate five or more design elements to create a unique cover artwork.
  • Custom Interior Page Design:  Our book layout specialists will create the interior page layout that your book needs based on your ideas and input.
  • Two Rounds of Cover and Interior Revisions:  You can make as many as 100 corrections before your book goes live and have the final say on your book’s appearance.
  • ISBN Assignment:  Your book’s International Standard Book Number is a unique identifier which helps book buyers easily order your book.
  • Worldwide Online Distribution:  Your book is made available through a number of distribution channels: the Books in Print® database, our online bookstore, and two leading book wholesalers in the United States—Ingram and Baker & Taylor.
  • Amazon, Google, Barnes & Noble Preview:  This allows your readers to get a sneak peek of your book—about 20% of it—randomly selected by Amazon or Google or on the Barnes & Noble online bookstore.
  • New Releases Section of the Westbow Press Bookstore:  As soon as it’s published, your book is listed and made available for sale on the Westbow Press Online bookstore.
  • Set Your Own Price Program:  Enjoy the flexibility of adjusting the retail price of your book's softcover and hardcover format.
  • Enhanced Metadata Listing:  Good metadata is like your book's online identification card that potentially helps your book's discoverability. Our specialists will refine your book's metadata based on current search trends relevant to your book's genre, theme, and topic.


  • Library of Congress Control Number:  Your book will be numbered and linked to the United States Library of Congress, national libraries, bibliographic utilities and other book vendors so your book is properly and easily catalogued by interested libraries.

Book Copies

  • 500 Digital Bookstubs:  500 Bookstub codes that you can use for your own promotional efforts and downloadable from the Westbow Press website.
  • $1000 Credit for Author Book Orders: Get one-time and single-use $1000 credit on your first book order.

Marketing Tools

  Marketing Credit

  • $500 Credit for Marketing Services

      Online Support

  • Social Media Kit:  Kickstart your online promotional activities with this comprehensive guide on how to create and maintain your social media presence with custom book banners designed for your profile pages.
  • Half-page Feature in BookMad online magazine:  Get a half-page feature on BookMad, a quarterly web-based magazine where readers can keep up with the freshest self-published titles. Visit past issues here.
  • Author Website Setup (6 Pages) with 2 year of Hosting:  You don’t need to be an expert to have your own website - an essential tool for any author. Our web design team will create one for you, inclusive of two (2) years free hosting.
  • Social Media Announcement:  Once your book is ready and available for orders, we will post an announcement on Facebook including your book cover and description and a link to our bookstore page.

      Bookstore Pitch Support

  • Book Sales Savvy Marketing Guide: Get useful and practical tips from this PDF guide on how to promote your book to local bookstores and libraries and maximize your local marketing efforts.
  • Booksellers Return Program - 24 Months:  This program gives your book a 2-year returnable status - a requirement for many retailers and bookstores.
  • Print-ready Bookstore Sell Sheet:  We will provide you with a professionally-designed one-page file containing vital information about your book that you can print out anytime for your promotional activities.

      Media and Events Support

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