Custom Color Illustrations

We can provide you with the illustrations you need for your full-color book. One of Westbow Press' talented studio artists will use your descriptions and feedback to create custom color illustrations that reflect your book’s unique style. You can choose from any of these 3 service levels:

Personalized - $329 per Illustration
At this primary level, art is drawn by hand and coloring is done digitally. The clean lines and complimenting colors of the Personalized illustrations is perfect for a simplistic style that will add a classic look to your book.

Fine Detail - $399 per Illustration
Detailed illustrations can take the look of your book to the next level. When you have Fine Detail illustrations created for your book, art is drawn by hand and coloring is done digitally. This level of artistry adds basic shadows and highlights to objects and scenery to give the illustrations a greater level of depth and dimension.

Intricate Design - $419 per illustration
Intricate Design color illustrations are created by hand and still consist of defining outlines but with varying degrees of line details. By giving greater levels of shading and highlights within the line art, the artist creates more three-dimensional illustrations. This is the only level where the art can be colored digitally or by hand. By adding details and textures and varying color values, your illustrator will add a high level of 3-dimensionality to your color illustrations.

No matter what level of detail and intricacy you choose, your full-color illustrations can be produced in the following styles:

  • Juvenile/Whimsical (a sweet/cute style)
  • Cartoon/Humor (a humorous/funny style)
  • Fantasy (a comic book/mythical style)
  • Science Fiction (a futuristic/technological style)
  • Naturalistic (a true-to-life style)

If you need 5 or more illustrations for your book, you will benefit from these discounted bundles:

Illustration Service Levels
Set of 5
Set of 10
Set of 15
Color Illustrations - Personalized $ 1,319 $ 2,419 $ 3,299
Color Illustrations - Fine Detail $ 1,759 $ 3,299 $ 4,399
Color Illustrations - Intricate Design $ 1,869 $ 3,599 $ 5,249