Custom Illustrations

What are the different levels of illustration artistry available for purchase through WestBow Press?

  • Personal Touch -L1 illustrations are drawn by hand and consist of simple, clean line art (similar to coloring book art) and then colored digitally with one-dimensional solid colors. Contains no shading or highlights
  • Fine Detail -L2 illustrations are drawn by hand and consist of medium-detail line art and then colored digitally with some minimal shading and highlighting for a bit more of a three-dimensional look.
  • Intricate Design -L3 art is created by hand with a higher level of detail in the line art and has high levels of shading, highlighting, and blending for a three-dimensional look. This is the only level where the art can be colored either digitally or with a watercolor or colored pencil look.
  • Custom Quote –L4 For authors who are looking for highly rendered illustrations above and beyond our level 3 Intricate Design Services. These illustrations include hand-drawn or painted art in any one of these media: Acrylics, highly detailed watercolors and very detailed pastels or charcoal and any type of three-dimensional Disney Pixar level of detail. This is a special product offering that requires a custom quote by our Art Director prior to the sale of these services.