Collision Course

by Millie Norwich Inman



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Language : English
Publication Date : 10/19/2023

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 452
ISBN : 9798385008421
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 452
ISBN : 9798385008438
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 452
ISBN : 9798385008445

About the Book

The shocking death of the popular Prince of Wales launches his young heir from innocent childhood into a roiling caldron of political jealousy and intrigue. Set in all the glory of mid-eighteenth century England, the child prince is urgently prepared for his estranged grandfather’s throne. Under the wing of his godly tutor-advisor, the youth staggers through an escalating minefield of hazards.
Juxtaposed with the prince’s story, is the life of a down-and-out firebrand statesman considering retirement from public service, including the House of Commons because he’s under the king’s fervent disfavor. As rumors of coup d’etat swirl around the prince, an alliance between the youth and the flagging Member of Parliament (MP) secures hope of a safe ascension. The alliance also catapults the prince’s gentle advisor and the seasoned statesman MP into the two most powerful men in Great Britain. One controls the next king. The other controls Parliament. Then, in the face of escalating war, a shocking twist changes everything.
Collision Course shatters clichés as it treks through England’s finest gardens and dines with kings and statesmen, all the while peering into the universal nature of the human soul and the heartbeat of corrupted constitutional government. This is the true, untold story of alliance, ambition, betrayal, loss, and recovery that set the world stage for the American Revolution.

—Collision Course is an excellent historical novel replete with engaging narrative, authentic characters, and verbatim period-piece dialogue. I enjoyed the whole thing—even all the food and botany.
—Tom Siebert, writer and editor

— This novel is timeless political intrigue, laced with laugh-out-loud humor, sweet romance, selfless mentoring, and paradigm marriages. Ms. Inman immerses the reader into another time and place and the scholarly aspects of the book are remarkable. The high scenes are simply stunning. I felt I was right there witnessing what was happening… I could feel exactly what the characters were going through.
—Ann Howard Creel author of The Magic of Ordinary Days
and The Whiskey Sea

—Collision Course is compelling real history with real people fleshed out and facing the real challenges of living in a fallen world. Two walk-through comedians offer comic relief a la Shakespeare’s jesters. This debut entertains while enlightening and edifying the whole family!
—Robert C. Lowry, MD
author of Recovering American Liberty: Rediscovering
the Principles of Just Government 

About the Author

Millie Norwich Inman holds a Bachelor of Arts cum laude from Washington University in St. Louis. She taught school and raised a family before dabbling in freelance for periodicals. Success added to profound sorrow over the loss of Western Civilization, launched her into extensive research for this engaging slice of history. On two trips to England she read at the British Library and Richmond Records Office, and traipsed through iconic architecture and scrumptious gardens. At home in Texas, she frequented Trinity, Rice, and UTSA libraries, and used the Inter-Library Loan System from Boerne Library. Librarian Ann Welder even retrieved an ancient tome from the Library of Congress and an article from London. Some of the wittiest dialogue in Collision Course has been lifted and adapted from original letters, similar to the research style of NYT bestseller America’s First Daughter.