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A Peace At A Time

by E.G. Stanhope



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 8/16/2022

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 156
ISBN : 9781664269613
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 156
ISBN : 9781664269606

About the Book

Meet a woman who has been on a fifty-five year detour around the life she envisioned as a child. The detour resulted from fear, lack of confidence, lack of knowledge of God’s plan for her life and many default choices.

his is a woman who believed she must build personal power to protect herself, and appear strong and capable. At age fifty-nine she experienced a profoundly personal moment of surrender to Christ that shifted her into a new (not perfect) person. She found unfailing love, trust, and forgiveness in the act of surrendering her life to Christ. Now she lives in a state of joy and peace, circumstances no longer control her life. With faith in the promises, principles and truth of the absolute, inerrant, relevant word of God she follows God’s priorities for her life.

The following testimony reveals her “Near God” experiences and her solid “Now God,” experiences which give her an unshakable, secure freedom in a loving relationship with God.

About the Author

The author is a woman with not one degree or literary credential to her name, she is like you, every lesson learned was “live on stage” education. Like you she was living her life with her own set of ever-changing standards and guidelines dependent upon the situation in front of her. Her upbringing was traditional and secure. Chaos ensued when she went from her home to marriage and life with a fraud. She was alone at age 30 with a child to raise, having had the audacity to file for divorce deep in the territory of a sub-culture who considered women to be property, without rights. Her dreams were put on hold while she struggled to learn a new career, make a home for her daughter, care for ailing parents, battle her own serious health issues with the promise that some day she would take her dreams off the shelf and finish them. She had a major Jesus Complex fed by people around her who came to her for solutions to their problems because she is an effective problem solver. She carried the weight of human train wrecks, allowing them to suck her life away. At fifty-nine she was finally so tired of the terrible load she laid it all down before Christ and said “if there is anything left of me that you can use, it is yours I am tired of the pain of my arrogance.” She writes a fast paced, passionate plea for others to examine their lives. Today she lives in peaceful singleness in a remote mountain town in Wyoming, finally beginning to lead the life she envisioned in her youthful dreams. She rents a one room cabin, “Granny’s Dorm Room”, on the river and is ready to write, blog, interact and learn with other searching souls.