Planting Mangoes in the Church

Economic Development, Social Enterprise, and the Global Christian Church

by Keith McNichols



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 8/19/2022

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 126
ISBN : 9781664269729
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 126
ISBN : 9781664269712
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 126
ISBN : 9781664269736

About the Book

The Gospel of Christ is our hope—but it is only the starting point of our Christian faith and lives. Too often, Christianity is limited to Sundays and has little effect on our daily work and even less on our local economy.

So, what do we do? How can we leverage our faith to make an impact, especially in places where Christians and their communities are struggling to survive?

This book seeks to get Christians thinking about how to gather together as an incubator church to seek spiritual and economic growth in our communities. The author draws on simple but powerful stories to show how we can bring the shalom of God to our neighborhoods via social enterprise driven by the local church.

The Christian Church is growing with the most momentum in Africa, Latin America and Asia – areas historically plagued by poverty. The Gospel has reached much of the world. But the Kingdom of God does not end with conversion – it should grow to affect every area of life.

The success of Planting Mangoes in the Church is that readers are quickly led to think, discuss, and brainstorm meaningful and actionable steps to benefit their own work and, collectively, their local church and economy.

About the Author

Keith McNichols is a multifaceted follower of Jesus Christ with a deep love for business and for people in developing regions of the world, especially people struggling in difficult economic situations. Planting Mangos in the Church represents the outpouring of his heart and the unique combination of his creative, business, missional and storytelling abilities. He believes that God gave us many gifts and it’s our job to figure out how they fit together and can best be used for God’s glory and as service to others.

Dr. McNichols studied Design at the University of California, Los Angeles and became a creative/art director focused on computer graphics and animation. His love of technology and creativity launched a 24-year career with The Walt Disney Company. His desire to deepen his business knowledge and find the “root of the idea” led him to augment his education with an MBA at the Peter Drucker School of Management. With these new skills he pivoted his career at Disney toward marketing, brand building, and relationship management where he worked with Disney brands such as Pixar, Winnie the Pooh and, of course, Mickey Mouse. On the business side, Dr. McNichols managed relationships between Disney and leading companies such as Nestle, General Motors, HP and Siemens. Following Disney, he worked in marketing, sales, and management consulting.

During his active career, Dr. McNichols grew restless in his faith and struggled to find “something more” for himself and his family. He and his wife, Jennifer, sought to use themselves and their family in service to God and during the height of the AIDS/HIV crisis (2001), they expanded their family of five by adopting an additional five older children from Ethiopia. This growth in faith blossomed into a fifteen-year, ongoing ministry in Ethiopia and elsewhere via missions-related roles at his local church. The McNichols family returned to Ethiopia and other nations plagued by economic uncertainty and developed deep and lasting relationships and ongoing projects aiding children, the elderly, church growth and business development. Seeking an educational framework for his ongoing missional and business efforts, Dr. McNichols completed his doctorate at the Bakke Graduate School focused on seeking the means to communicate theology of work to people in developing regions and pursuing the concept of the “incubator church.”

Today, Dr. McNichols continues to work in business leadership, serves as the Director of Missions at Chino Valley Community Church and as an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at Azusa Pacific University.