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As Prophesied by Jesus Christ and Blessed Virgin Mary Apparitions in Kibeho - Rwanda in 1982.

by Germain Muhirwa



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Language : English
Publication Date : 10/23/2020

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 552
ISBN : 9781664208148
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 552
ISBN : 9781664208155

About the Book

“For where two or more people are gathered together in my name; there am I in the middle of them: Matthew 18:20”. The 1994 Tutsis extermination developed over time and revealed how evil human beings can be! Rwanda was said to be like a “full glass of water if added even a drop would overthrow!” The exiled Tutsis were denied to return back home. The internal Tutsis were totally marginalized and taken on hostage by the majority Hutus. “Lord Almighty God allowed the October 1st, 1990 big war by the exiled Tutsis to defeat Satan as Rwanda had become sinful: Romans 3: 10-18.” The extremists Hutus sacrificed innocent Hutus with lies about the 1990 big war, which made the internal Tutsis the target for extermination as the exiled Tutsis chose Kigali as a destination! Only one motive was enough for Hutus to start Bagosora’ Apocalypse against Tutsis! The special killers known as “Interahamwe” and “Impuzamugambi were very well prepared and ready for the green light. The unexpected Habyarimana airplane crash on April 6th, 1994 became that motive, in which scenario nobody had ever imagined as Habyarimana used to call himself: “Ikinani” or “the invincible” as he was protected by France. This caused Hutus to prematurely put into action their “long-term” dream of Tutsis extermination from Rwanda. Over one million Tutsis, along with some thousands of Hutus of good hearts, got slaughtered to death just in a matter of 100 days! The killings spread rapidly due to hatred Hutus media such as the Kangura newspaper and the RTLM radio in which the Hutus were called on a daily basis to exterminate all the Tutsis from Rwanda. In 1982, the Blessed Virgin Mary openly warned Rwandans about all of these during her apparition, but Rwandans chose not to listen! The Hutus killed any Tutsi they could find; it was the who killed most Tutsis marathon or what I call the Tutsis killings “full-time job” during those 100 days!

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About the Author

Germain MUHIRWA is a survivor of “The 1994 Genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda”; which he was revealed to be “The Heaven Test in Rwanda in 1994” as his upcoming book “The word of The Lord Almighty God” emphasizes. He holds two degrees in Computer Science and Communication at Master’s level and he attended various online courses in connection with the revealed message such as “Public Speaking” from Washington University, “The Management of The Company of The Future” from London University (London Business School) and “The Governance of Non-profit Organizations” from New York University at Albany that all together with this message qualified him for a Doctorate candidacy “Ph.D.” in Mediation and Conflict Resolution. The clear and strong message that he was given could not only be kept at his heart alone, therefore he was called on to share it with the entire world to “Remind Human Beings to Learn to Live a Life That would Prepare them to go to Heaven and that also Satan does exist in the World through his agents of the evil spirit beings” as it was revealed by Jesus Christ himself when he appeared to a young Rwandan boy Emmanuel Segatashya at the age of 15 in Kibeho-Rwanda in 1981, that was then followed by several apparitions of “The Blessed Virgin Mary” from 1982 until 1989 all telling Rwandans what could happen to them if they kept putting hate, grudge and the killing mindset upfront; which unfortunately were ignored and resulted in what happened in 1994 where over 1 million Rwandans were slaughtered to death. Germain MUHIRWA lives in Montreal – Canada and he is engaged to Maureen Bazigaga MUHIRWA and they two have a 3½ years young daughter INEZA Elsa-Micah Kjær MUHIRWA who is dedicated to the foundation which mission is to really help those in need starting from scholarships as a fruit of “The Heaven Test in Rwanda in 1994” message; the fruit of the SPIRIT; which is INEZA (Kindness), Love, Joy, Peace, Goodness, Gentleness, Forbearance, Self-control and above all Faithfulness - Amen.