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True Faith Revealed

Luke’s Gospel Exposition

by Apollo Kikule



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/27/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 186
ISBN : 9781973665434
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 186
ISBN : 9781973665458
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 186
ISBN : 9781973665441

About the Book

The book presents God’s spiritual power as a gift to the repentant souls and condemnation upon its rejection. There is no room left for any doubting Thomas regarding whether you have received or been condemned. Human physical death is the great sign for the condemned, and faith is the sign for those with fulfilled promise of resurrection side by side. The gospel is not for salvation alone but also condemns upon rejection. Here is a new light, divine power, or salvation projected to both the living and the dead souls and to those repentant and unrepentant ones.

The book also reveals and demonstrates that a human being as a creature attempts to influence the cosmos by using his worldly intellect, wisdom, customs, lies, religions, riches, science, etc. to change and transform what God created and to the neglect of God’s divine and omniscient power—this only leads man to nothing but senselessness and rebelliousness, which after the judgment day will be revealed as godlessness. This horrifying end should lead every human’s soul to search for God’s kingdom until he finds rest in Christ.

About the Author

p>By the age of 25 years, the author’s faith had begun to grow to the extent that he preferred to study expository books. In 1980 while in London, he continued with his devotional studies of expositional books and among these were the Gospels by J.C Ryle, John Stott, Spurgeon’s writings etc. Richard C.S Lenski came later in his life in 1992 as an undeserved gift from God by an American missionary lady Sue Hasselbring who then was working with the Lutheran Bible Translators in Botswana. As a diligent pupil of Richard C. H. Lenski’s expositions for 26 years, the author discovered that for every chapter of the New Testament, there is a theme which uniÀes the whole chapter into one truth, and this eliminated the need for different interpretations. The author further states that Lenski was a faithful learned biblical scholar with a thorough understanding of both Hebrew and Greek languages and solved many linguistic issues which make our ordinary English bibles somewhat difÀcult to understand. The verse approach has been somewhat responsible for reducing the understanding of God’s Word and hence the reduction of the spiritual power among believers. The author’s test or measure of his understanding the scriptures has therefore been “the arrival to the spiritual theme latent in every chapter, and this has been the greatest spiritual reward and strength (faith) which he now believes forms the fertile soil of true love among the brethren” as shown below:

‡ Every theme in a chapter of the New Testament is a beam of light which reveals the darkness in man’s soul (sin) and thereafter reveals and offers the light (Christ) which eliminates that darkness.

‡ Every truth of the gospel (Christ) convicts a sinner with sin (darkness), produces repentance and a new spiritual pulse begins the minute faith is kindled. This faith grows and Àlls the heart’s chambers with Joy and hope of a new life and Ànally the love of each other is born just like that of Christ to his little children.

‡ And, for those who reject the light of every chapter of the New Testament, await God’s verdict of condemnation.

These are not individual opinions, observations or academic gymnastics but should be the new experience of every believer.

The author holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and is a Chartered Global Management Accountant CGMA (UK), founder and Managing Director of Intesolmac Uganda Limited - a Business Partner for Sage Plc South Africa. Married with two sons, two daughters and a niece. Educated in the School of Richard. C. H. Lenski, using Lenski’s voluminous expository textbooks of the New Testament, who was once a professor and seminary dean at Capital University, Columbus, Ohio, USA.