Quick Help from God’s Word

by Nora Ratcliff



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/7/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 504
ISBN : 9781973614883
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 504
ISBN : 9781973614876
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 504
ISBN : 9781973614890

About the Book

In this debut book, a selection of favorite Bible verses sheds light on various emotions, problems, and periods of life. Ratcliff’s work is the outgrowth of something many Christians have experienced: the hours and hours spent paging through the Bible searching for a particular verse or passage or hunting for sections on a specific topic of theme. This volume is the author’s own version of an answer to this: It’s essentially a commonplace book of biblical passages arranged by subject and lightly dusted with personal commentary. The topic headings are concepts that will be familiar to most Christians. They frequently have about them the feel of an old-time prayer book, and they don’t shy away from the more exacting aspects of Christianity. Examining “suffering,” for instance, Ratcliff prefaces her assortment of quotations with ruminations on the subject. “Since Jesus suffered for us, we should also be patient and suffer so that we won’t fail to please God,” she writes. “For if we have suffered in the flesh, then we have quit sinning on purpose and we have stopped pleasing ourselves and the world, and we live to please the Lord.” The same stern, pre-Vatican II tone is struck in her introduction to the grouping quotes under “Fear of the Lord”: “God’s word in His rule book and there are a lot of benefits to obeying it. The fear of the Lord means to reverence Him, to worship Him, and to be in awe of Him.” Likewise, there are assembled verses warning against backsliding, cursing, drinking, boasting, slandering, and so on. But Ratcliff is careful to balance these with more positive, affirming excerpts about heavenly love, forgiveness, and support, and the lasting impression of her own reflections is one of the restorative power of faith­—and the inspiring influence of Scripture. Christian readers and prayer groups should find this collection an invaluable aid, as will believers who are a bit tired of looking for that one crucial passage. A thoughtfully themed guided tour through Christian Scripture, a kind of keyword search executed with compassionate elaboration. —Kirkus Reviews

About the Author

Nora Ratcliff is a local real-estate agent who has a passion for leading people to Christ. Over the course of 37 years she has come to know Jesus and has developed a deeper relationship with Him through studying and praying His word daily. She has read a myriad of books that assisted her with her study time and prayer life. She has taken all that she has learned and incorporated her style into one encompassing book that she hopes can lead others to know Jesus on a more personal level.

In addition to her love for Christ, she is a southern gal from Louisiana who adores her family. She is a wife, a mother of three, and a grandmother to six. She enjoys reading, spending time studying the nature that surrounds her home, baking and fishing. This is her first attempt at writing a book, outside of her newly published cookbook entitled “Comfort Foods That Bo Likes”.

It is her hope that this book inspires you to read and pray the Word more often and to enjoy the loving fellowship that Jesus extends to you at all times.