Every Blessing is Yours

Letting Jesus Transform You Through the Wisdom of the Beatitudes

by Judy Nichols



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Language : English
Publication Date : 3/29/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 122
ISBN : 9781973612209
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 122
ISBN : 9781973612216

About the Book

In Every Blessing Is Yours, Judy Nichols offers helpful insights and interesting personal stories while comparing the New Testament Beatitudes with the Old Testament wisdom of Isaiah. Highly recommended.

—Bill Deckard

Senior Editor


One of my weekly joys is reading Judy Nichols’ devotions. This collection is long overdue.

—Kevin Springer, Camarillo, CA

Author of the highly acclaimed Power Evangelism

and Power Healing (Harper Collins)

As I read Every Blessing Is Yours, there was a sense of freshness brought to the study as Judy intertwined the Matthew and Luke passages with Isaiah 61.

—Richard L Widener

Missions Director, Alliance for Renewal Churches

Ms. Nichols draws from both her experience and her knowledge of the Scriptures, and the result is wonderfully enriching.

—Jay Shifley, M.Ed.

Director of Business as Mission, Frontiers

This is a book I want my family and friends to read. Judy Nichols mines the early teachings of Jesus in the Beatitudes in parallel with Isaiah 61 in ways that nourish and instruct the soul of the Christian. This gem promises riches to the reader.

—Ray Nethery

Former Director of Asian Affairs, Campus Crusade for Christ

Co-Founder and -Director of Grace Haven Ministry Center

President Emeritus, Alliance for Renewal Churches

There is no greater need today than for Christians to grow in Christ, to become true disciples and not mere followers. In Every Blessing Is Yours, I attempt to bring clarity by looking at the word pictures from Isaiah 61 and revealing how the Beatitudes teach us how to grow in Christ and to become mature, well-formed children of God. Every Blessing Is Yours is based on the premise that it is possible not only to live a blessed life but also to increase in that blessedness throughout life. The Beatitudes tell us what the blessed life looks like; Isaiah 61 elaborates and tells us how to make them functional. Looking at each Beatitude in turn, along with its parallels in Isaiah 61, gives us a sense of what spiritual growth looks like and how to achieve it. My hope is that readers will come away with not only knowledge and insight but also real spiritual growth and emotional health.

About the Author

Judy Nichols is a 70-year-old wife of a retired college math professor, mother of two married children, and grandmother of five. She attended public primary and secondary schools in Columbus, Ohio, graduating in 1964, and graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology in 1968. But her real education that enriched and today motivates her life came from two sources: studying the Word of God and raising her children.

The youngest of three daughters in a loving Christian family, she attended church regularly, went to Vacation Bible School, completed confirmation classes, was active in youth group, and sang in the choir. Despite all this, she did not come to salvation until after college in 1969. She became active in Bible study groups and helped with editing a campus group’s newsletter. Through a contact in Bible study, she was invited to move to Mansfield to serve as secretary in a Christian ministry. Considering the pros and cons of leaving her hometown, family and friends, and a job she enjoyed, God spoke to her that this was not just a man offering a job, but it was God calling her to serve Him full time. She moved and never regretted it.

She enjoyed writing letters and had several pen pals growing up, but never seriously considered writing until she was encouraged to write for her church’s little magazine, “Salt & Light.” She had numerous articles published there, and later several published in the association of churches’ (Alliance for Renewal Churches) publication, “Commonlife.” One of these was subsequently reprinted in a Mennonite magazine, “Christian Living.” For the last fifteen years she has been writing weekly devotional pieces (over five hundred in all) which are posted on her church’s, the local Christian radio station’s and Mansfield Christian School’s web sites, as well as her facebook page. She has a mailing list of about 60 people, representing seven cities in Ohio, seven other states, and one foreign country, to whom she emails them. Recently, a reader from California asked her to send him one hundred devotions so that he could forward them to a dear friend in the Czech Republic who wanted devotional materials to translate and use in her discipleship groups.

Every Blessing is Yours is her first attempt at a book. It grew, over a period of several years, out of her study of Isaiah 61 (from which she wrote fifteen devotions) after a group study of Beth Moore’s Breaking Free, and then being involved in several Healing Care Groups, both as participant and then as co-leader. Last year she began studying the book of Matthew in her personal devotions, and the parallels between the Beatitudes and the word pictures of Isaiah 61 stood out to her in bold relief.