A Study on Baptism

A Study on Hell

by Gerald McDaniel



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Language : English
Publication Date : 2/5/2016

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 130
ISBN : 9781512729351

About the Book

One of the very noticeable theological battles through church history has been on the subject of baptism. Blood has literally been shed over the reason for baptism and the mode of baptism as well as who should be baptized and by whom they should be baptized. Infant baptism and baptizing thinking it will help you get to heaven were some of the hottest issues. There have been thousands of people martyred over these issues. Because of such a highly inflamed reaction to baptism through the centuries, it will be well worth examining and dissecting every verse in the Bible on this subject. Interestingly enough, there will only be a detailed study from the New Testament alone. The death, burial, and resurrection of Christ is pictured in the Old Testament by the flood and other things to which baptism is also a picture.

About the Author

Gerald McDaniel was born on June 26, 1954, in Pavo, Georgia.

He was saved September 22, 1974.

He was married in August of 1976 to Julie Kaye Ferguson of Covington, Indiana.

They have four children, Joanna, Josiah, Jonathan, and Joy.

Joanna graduated from Pensacola Christian College in Florida. Josiah graduated from Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia. Jonathan graduated from Darton College in Albany, Georgia and Valdosta State University in Valdosta. Joy graduated from Crown College in Powell, Tennessee.

Gerald McDaniel has an associate’s degree in engineering from Moultrie Technical College in Moultrie, Georgia. A bachelor’s degree from a combination of Hyles Anderson College of Indiana and Heritage Baptist College of Indiana and a master’s degree at Andersonville Baptist Seminary in Georgia.

Gerald McDaniel has been a Pastor or an Associate Pastor for over 40 years.