Let's Get It Right!

No froth, no frills; just salt and light.

by Veronica C. Evelyn Ph.D.



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/26/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 164
ISBN : 9781973653134

About the Book

Let’s Get It right! takes an incisive look at the social context and practice of 21st century Christianity. In it, the author distinguishes between the church as an organization operating along secular lines and the church as an organism, a living system made up of all who believe in the authenticity of the Bible and the sacrificial death of Christ. The central message to all born again believers is to adopt and maintain a lifestyle of authentic Christianity. Let’s Get It right! suggests that a meaningful way of doing this is by avoiding the frills and froth characteristic of the church as a mere organization and refocusing on the true gospel of Christ. The book makes a special appeal to Caribbean Christians to lead the way back to authentic Christianity.

About the Author

Dr. Veronica Evelyn is a strong proponent of marketplace evangelism and applied Christianity. A consultant sociologist and former social worker and guidance counsellor, for the past 25 years she has had the unique privilege of working with a wide cross section of individuals, groups and organizations at all levels of Caribbean society both in the secular world and Christian community. Her work includes social action research, training and counselling. It extends from hands on counselling to training of trainers at a national and regional level; from analyzing the effects of microwave society, to technical consultancy regarding intergenerational poverty; from routine family life issues to interventions with substance abusers, sex workers, HIV positive individuals and other vulnerable and at-risk populations. Dr. Evelyn considers this strategic positioning to be God’s purposeful investment in her life so that she can be salt and light in her sphere of influence. Her interdisciplinary training and work experience includes Sociology, Sociolinguistics, Social Work, Addiction Studies and Emotional Intelligence. She is particularly interested in human behaviour and the dynamic interplay between the individual and society.