My friend Jesus …

Stroke at 45

by Annette Coffey



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Language : English
Publication Date : 3/27/2013

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 142
ISBN : 9781449785017

About the Book

When I awoke from my stroke, which was a pons stroke at the base of my neck. A blood vessel to my brain had ripped and was bleeding into my brain, causing damage. I was unable to move any part of my body but my eyes just a little. I could not speak, breathe, eat, or drink. I worked and recovered some of my movement in the first three months, but it would take years and a lot of hard work to fine tune my muscles. I had lost my dream car, my plane, my home, and all of my savings to pay for medical bills in just a few months. Then I lost my husband of twenty-eight years, when I gave him a divorce because he had to move on with life.

About the Author

In the year 2005, Annette suffered a severe stroke. Doctors could not understand how this young, vibrant woman of only forty-five who had so much going for her could have a stroke. She lay in the ICU, barely able to breathe, unable to eat, speak, or even move any part of her body. See the challenges and struggles she goes through over the next seven years just to get back a little of the life she lost. She was able to remain positive through such tragedy. A few amazing miracles brought her to the brink of healing. Against all odds, she makes remarkable strides.