Oh God, Oh God, OH GOD!

Supernatural, real-life experiences and their meaning and significance.

by Elwood G. Watson II



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/10/2011

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 92
ISBN : 9781449726720
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 92
ISBN : 9781449726737

About the Book

God, our Father, wants us to know more about Himself. Starting now and continuing forever, He reveals more and more of His essence. His Word portrays a heavenly event in which He presents a special award to us: a large, perfect gem (the white stone described in Revelations) with a name engraved upon it. This name is another name for God and is only known between you and Him. This stone is for you and will be kept with you in your mansion. Whenever you look upon this name, God reveals more of himself to you forever.

God wants us to start now, during our earthly travail, to become more knowledgeable about Him. He will bring about supernatural happenings for us while we are still here on earth, which will enable us to know more about His ways. This book will tell about such miracles, and it is author Elwood G. Watson’s prayer that this testimony will aid you in fulfilling your divine destiny of drawing closer and closer to the author of those miracles: our God and loving Father.

About the Author

Elwood G. Watson II is a man who has devoted his adult life to studying the Word of God, harkening to the voice of God, and seeking after the things of God.

Through the tough times of his childhood during the Great Depression; his teen and young adult years serving in the US Army Air Force during World War II; his years as a uniformed police officer and county detective;, and his later years as a legal investigator for the County Law Department of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania; Elwood has enjoyed an intimate fellowship with the Father and experienced the divine, mysterious, and miraculous direct intervention of Almighty God.

He Staying steadfast to his desire to please God by always trying to do the right thing, Elwood is impassioned by a present call of God to share all that the Heavenly Father has done throughout his eighty-seven years for the sole purpose of helping others to understand and truly know their divine Creator.

Currently residing in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, Elwood is ever-ready, willing and filled with enthusiasm to share his life experiences with his many friends, neighbors, family, and anyone with a hunger to know more about God.