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God, Creator, Supreme Judge, Divine Providence, Lord Jesus Christ --- No Man, No Government, No False Religion is to be Before or Oppose God, His Rightness, His provided Rights --- Thou Shalt Have No Other god’s Before Me

by Servant of Jesus the Lord, Barak Josiah



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Language : English
Publication Date : 6/8/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 420
ISBN : 9781449718244

About the Book

Every concerned citizen will enjoy and be very encouraged by the good and accurate historical records of the United States. Lies have been infiltrated so vastly and so deeply in to society of the United States. Even the educational institutions have become deceived and warped, so that the students are then receiving passed-down versions that are, as has been told, - lies.

Some are deceived innocently, some willingly, some know it and want it. Many are just so busy with all the cares of life that they passively accept. Is it not important to us? A false "peace" has set in, and yet it is not peace as we are so alertly observing. To an awakened mind, peace should be what everybody wants. Strife or disagreement is a form of anti-peace in the interior spiritual realm. Values of the heart must be addressed as to whether they are proper values, and those values are then displayed by posts of the government. Every citizen needs to know what the true historical experience and record is, what governmental structure was established in the United States, what it is all about, and how it really is and operates. As we are all interested in the spiritual matters of life, a very real and vibrant experience awaits us. With all these wonderful opportunities and serious concerns for righteousness, for enhancing others, unselfish love for others. should we not in mercy, patience, kindness, humility, and love try to establish a good country and citizenry for all ??

This is a very different and right correct account of the real US Government, and its establishment, and its history.

About the Author

With a kind and considerate appeal for righteousness, truth, Christ, and divine love, we have performed the duty and work to help all citizens of the United States and the world. We have . served the Lord for a long period of time, and received education proper, realizing a deep need for our rights to be according to God and not idolatrous. Having lived in the United States for a long period, the presence of evil has developed to steal and distort away the foundation of this fine country.