Spaced-Out Science

Dark Secrets of Evolution, and Religion's Answers

by L. Dale McCartney M. D.



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 5/18/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 100
ISBN : 9781449716783

About the Book

Science continues to declare its dominion over reality and reason. Science tells us it can measure, describe, dissect, and experiment with virtually everything in the universe! Nothing seems beyond its power. How do we convince our children that this is simply not true? Perhaps we should begin with a realistic examination of science’s limitations, failures, and frauds. An understanding of how an evolutionist thinks, for example, may go a long way towards debunking their conclusions. Chapter one of Spaced-Out Science begins with an allegory that even children can understand and enjoy. Other chapters begin to describe many of the dark secrets that should place science in its correct position of authority.

Spaced-Out Science is a frontal assault on the unholy trinity: scientism, atheism and secular humanism. Author L. Dale McCartney systematically pries their grubby little fingers off the throat of society. Those who think they own the rights to this world’s hearts and minds are in for a smack-down. The average man can take back ownership of his intellect without shame. This book is reasonably brief considering its broad scope of attack. Children, adults, clergy, and students will be pleased by the accessible yet entertaining education.

Organized religion also has dark secrets regarding its dogma, its proposed answers, and attempted compromises with science. Does truth actually exist, or is it an enigma? Will truth survive the onslaught of science’s quest for ultimate power and authority? Is God relevant in the twenty-first century … and how so? These are the weighty questions entertained by Spaced-Out Science. The answers are profound.

McCartney offers a completely unique synthesis that sounds at times like old-earth thinking but deserves a closer look. Young-earth creationists can now emerge from the lion’s den with a newfound confidence.

About the Author

30 years ago while in college the author was introduced to the fascinations of cellular and molecular biology. He began to weigh the significance of evolutionary theories with his religious beliefs. Dr. McCartney went on to a career in the applied sciences; graduating from medical school at the University of Texas in 1985. Training and board certification in Family Medicine was completed. Over the subsequent years he has practiced Emergency Medicine and Family Practice at various times and places.

Coincidentally, during the same year of his introduction to D.N.A., the author participated in some research peripherally associated with N.A.S.A. Over many years of continued scientific study and reflection his thoughts have coalesced into Spaced-Out Science. In it he searches for the Holy Grail which might unify science and religion.

Dr. McCartney’s father has recently published a book called Evolution of Faith, which focuses mainly on the philosophical roots of evolution and the origins debate. Although similar conclusions are reached, Spaced-Out Science primarily investigates contemporary issues. The objective is to make information accessible, interesting and even fun to explore--material which may have previously intimidated the scientifically-challenged reader. Hopefully, the author’s insatiable humor contributes to the enjoyment of discovering important secrets.

Dale and his wife Christy along with two dogs, two cats and two horses reside in southeast Tennessee near Chattanooga.