A Better Way!

Let the rains Stop! Let the clouds Clear! Open this cover and let the Sunshine in! Here is,

by DonRicardo G. Salazar



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Language : English
Publication Date : 4/5/2011

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 116
ISBN : 9781449714635
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 116
ISBN : 9781449714642

About the Book

As of January 2010, Morgan Franklin Associates, Sales Management Consultants, AKA, MFA Consultants, made a commitment to donate a percentage of the profits, from the sale of our book, "A Better Way?", toward helping the Small Business Community make their come back.

We want this book to be more than a ray of hope but rather a hand-up, for all Small Businesses to use toward regaining their previous position. The position they held since our founding Fore-Fathers built it; known as, the Back-bone of the entire U.S. Economy, and we want it back, now!

About the Author

My background over the past thirty years includes having worked in a corp/exec capacity for five, multi-billion dollar manufacturing corporations in the World of Sales and the Art of Selling. My PASSION, was always in the World of Sales. Specifically Mentoring & Training Direct &Independent-Agents, new to the Art of Selling! I've Mentored over 1,600 Sales-Reps. Several have gone on to become Entrepreneurs, Captains of Industry, or found their true passion at a specific level, perhaps as Senior Vice President of Sales; not aspiring to higher levels in the Corporate structure, as myself; in my last position as Corporate Executive, Senior Vice President. I spent seven years with that organization taking it from $800,000 gross annual sales in the western region as their Sales Manager up to $10,500,000 within (18) months. I was then promoted to Western Regional Vice President of Sales; during which I took the western region annual gross sales from $10,500,000 up to $22,800,000 within the next (12) months, representing 55% of the entire International gross sales. I was then promoted to Corporate Executive Vice President of the Company. I was directly responsible for (5) Vice-Presidents, 200 Sales Reps & over 600 Distributors. Shortly after I took total gross sales to $52 million. I was offered a promotion to President/CEO. I did'nt take it, I felt it required compromising my high standards of Morals & Ethics. Therefore, I was asked to leave the Company. I was happy to do so. When I left the Company it was at $62 million a year. In the year 2000 I started up my own Consulting Co. , "Morgan Franklin Associates", a Sales Management Consulting firm, creating business plans for Start-up companies, Expansion-Divisions & Crisis Management. I traveled to 40 states, Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, Germany & Italy. After seeing the terrible declining economy, I realized who would be hit the hardest first, the Small Business Community. I felt compelled to help, or assist that segment of the Business Community any way I could. In 2008 I decided to write this book. Spending two years of due-diligence, I deduced the quickest way to help, was to focus on the area that could help them recoup their losses, in the shortest amount of time. That is to "plant" the seeds in the newest most excited people in sales; the new Sales-Rep and recently promoted Sales-Managers. But both had to feel Passionate about Sales & never exposed to professional education in structured basic sales strategic planning the founding Fore-Fathers did not create the Backbone of this great country, only to see it crash and burn! I read an article written by an independent survey company stating, in 2000 there were 65% of the workforce that were Happy in their job. In 2010 there were only 43% happy in their jobs. The writing was on the wall, lack of Passion in the workforce! I've committed a percentage of the profits of this book to be given to the Small Business Community, where I could see the most need. Next, knowing about 90% of the Sales-Reps I met, had degrees in Education or Psychology, but definitely not in the World of Sales! So, I spent the last two years writing the most basic foundation of Structured-Sales Models, designed novice Sales-Reps & newly promoted Sales-Managers. Between my Book & a two day Orientation-Seminar, I hope to assist the Small Business Community regain their title as the Backbone of the U.S. Economy. Let those owners walk with pride again, in this very competitive global economy. Born: San Francisco, CA moved to Santa Clara before it became the heart of Silicon Valley. Formal study:Math-Bus. Architecture; Home Studied 25yrs through Harvard School of Business Mngmt, Prof & Dean,.Michael J. Porter & Dr. Deming's TQM+JIT Mngmt. concepts, the Art of War by Sun Tzu, Dr. Joshua Leibman's Peace of Mind,Harvard: Jack Welch-GE; David Schultz-IBM; Dr. Woods-Industrial Psychology & it's Social Function: Never Stop Self-Education!