Coming Out Of Cage

Coming Out Of Cage

Journey of a Tiger Mom
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This book is written for all parents, especially Chinese and Asian parents who come from a cultural background that holds education in the highest regard.


Many of us parents are willing to put in a lot of our time, resources, and energy to provide the best educational opportunities for our children in hopes that they will excel academically and be successful in life. We may think we are making sacrifices, but too often, despite our good intentions, we end up stressing out and hurting our children! 


Loving our children means wanting the best for them and doing everything we can to help them attain their goals. The problem is that we don’t necessarily know what is best for our children, or what their goals are. What we think is best for them may not be their best; and the goals we set for them may not be their goals. To better understand our children, we need to build a safe, secure and trusting relationship with them, so that they could communicate their needs and thoughts with us with ease and confidence.


Often times, our children may not feel our love, because they think we are treating them like projects that need to be improved. With the pressure from parents, peers, schools, society, culture, and the pressure from within themselves, many of our children develop problems like aggression, addiction, anxiety, anger, depression, low self-worth, poor grades, sleep disorders, eating disorders, weight problems, etc.

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