The Biblical Path of Life

The Biblical Path of Life

Volume 1
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  • Published: March 2018
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 400
  • Size: 8.25x11
  • ISBN: 9781973620815
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The Biblical Path of Life is a study designed to help anyone understand how simply yet intricately the Bible is put together. It is a study for:

an individual,
a family,
a small-group Bible study, or
a Sunday School program for all ages.

The Bible is the most important thing we can know, and it specifically reveals what God expects from His people. But many can find the Bible difficult to read or understand. Yet in order to know how to live a Christian life that is pleasing to God, we must first understand what His Word says.

The Biblical Path of Life Volume 1 is:

year one of a three-year study going completely through the Bible
Begins with an overview of the Old Testament
It is a simple, historical, chronological journey through the Bible
It compares Scripture to Scripture
The lessons reveal Jesus and how the Bible is applicable to everyday life

Learn foundational truths that God showed his people from the beginning of time–truths that you will see echoed and fulfilled by the familiar word of the New Testament. And with these principles of the Bible, you can apply them to your own Christian life and become more like Jesus.

M. J. Ross taught the Bible for many years and learned that there were many people who didn’t understand God’s Word. This realization was the basis for The Biblical Path of Life. After using this study to teach the Bible, many hearts and lives were changed because of the understanding of how the Bible fits together with a purpose – to reveal Jesus. M. J. Ross currently lives in Oklahoma.

“The Biblical Path of Life is a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to understand or to teach the Bible. Its format makes it easy to know the message of each book of the Bible and how that book fits into the overall theme of scripture. It is without reservation that I recommend this resource for use in any Bible Study setting, particularly in Sunday school and discipleship training.” ~ Pastor John Wylie, Rehoboth Baptist Church, Claremore, OK

“I now understand how the Bible fits together! I have studied through the Bible using this curriculum four times and each time I come to a deeper understanding of the scriptures!” ~Mary, Oklahoma

“…This 3-year Bible Study program is a breath of fresh air amidst the typical swirl of Bible stories lacking connection to God’s Word as a whole. My own daughters ages 14 and 12 have gone through the Bible from cover to cover three times (using The Biblical Path of Life). … Going through the entire Bible has helped me get out of reading my favorite passages over and over. And now I understand my favorite passages so much better because I understand more how it all connects … We see the Lord Jesus everywhere in the Bible! …” ~Jody, Oklahoma

“Having grown up in church, traveled, and taught in different churches, I have taught from several different Sunday School curriculums. The Biblical Path of Life has by far been the most in depth and chronologically on track curriculum I have learned and taught from. There is far more knowledge in the material per lesson than any other curriculum I have used. The whole curriculum is Christ centered, a program of study, and simple to use. Designed for the teacher and student to absorb and learn from and is extremely recommended.”~ Justin, Oklahoma

“You will find in this series of Biblical studies the most conservative, literal, deeply foundational truths of the Holy Bible. Our church, Rehoboth Baptist of Claremore, OK has used The Biblical Path of Life studies for the past twelve years for our children and … for our Adults for the past seven years bringing our Bible Study program into a Family Bible study for the whole church. I highly recommend this study to bring your Bible Study program together as a family in unity.” ~ Wayne Keely, Pastor

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