Recent Pew Internet reports indicate a surge in tablet ownership and the e-book market touts explosive growth. Be a player in the next generation of publishing with BookStub™ cards designed to help you effectively promote and distribute your books to an ever-growing digital audience.

Loyalty card-sized BookStub™ cards display your cover on the front side and ordering instructions on the back side. Once you distribute a BookStub™, the reader can visit your title’s detail page, add your e-book to the cart and check out with a digital copy of your title.

Product Description:

  • BookStub™ cards are plastic and display your full-color book cover on the front side
  • The reverse side of a BookStub™ displays ordering information so users can easily access your book’s detail page in our online bookstore
  • Each BookStub™ has a unique promotional code that can only be accessed once
  • BookStub™ cards offer a level of sophistication and class that lend credibility to your marketing program

* BookStub™ cards will be created using existing design elements from the cover of your book. All efforts will be made to ensure the closest match possible to the color palette used on the cover of your book. Due to the nature of printing on different materials (i.e. paper versus plastic) as well as other variables, there may be some variation in color and appearance between the printed book cover and the reproduction on the card. Based on these factors, requests for color adjustment will not be entertained.

Click the images below for a closer look at sample BookStub™ cards: