Who’s Your Daddy?

Who’s Your Daddy?

Bible-Based Stories for Modern Families: Season 1
  • Also available as: Perfect Bound Softcover, E-Book
  • Published: January 2016
  • Format: Dust Jacket Hardcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 216
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781512725926
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The art of storytelling and writing, which is integral to the development of the Christian church, must be encouraged. This is important because Jesus often used stories to illustrate or make a point. A well-crafted, Bible-based story has the capacity to capture the imagination, inspire, comfort, and encourage.

Harvey Cox, in The Seduction of the Spirit, is quoted as saying, ‘All human beings have an innate need to hear and tell stories and to have a story to live by ...religion, whatever else it has done, has provided one of the main ways of meeting the abiding need.’

Who’s Your Daddy? Bible-Based Stories for Modern Families: Season 1 is well-crafted and inspired and provides an opportunity for all to meet the abiding need to ‘hear and tell’ and to have a story to live by.

The book is a delightful read for teens and families and can be usefully utilised in organisations such as churches and schools to supplement their existing teaching programmes.

Season 1 begins with the author’s version of the Christmas story, followed by Vol. 1: Sons, which depicts scenes from the lives of young biblical characters from both the Old and New Testaments. The issues explored are varied – teen identity, self acceptance, mentorship, healing, forgiveness, and commitment.

Vol. 2: Fathers reflects on some of the issues we all face at some point in our lives, such as self-conflict, the grieving process, self-sacrifice, and surrender to God’s divine will. The book’s climax is the Easter edition of the Who’s Your Daddy series which I can only describe as exceptional.

My understanding of the book’s origin has led me to conclude that these stories are inspired from the throne room of heaven.

Dr. Mark A Minott


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