Lessons from Antigua

Lessons from Antigua

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The Lessons from Antigua can be a set of guidelines. They can encourage mutual respect, responsible action, and brotherly love among workers. They are taken from more than forty years of experience in the trades and my involvement in the United States Navy Seabees. The Lessons hold topics that can be talked about in a team setting. They include, but are not limited to, faith, fighting, freedom, and resolution. These topics are covered separately, at times together, and at times they overlap because life is like that—one part will overlap another. 


The purpose of Lessons from Antigua is to raise awareness on how different thought patterns and approaches to managing men will be met with a defined outcome. It is not my intention to put down methods or management. They got us where we are today, and there are strong points in any or all methods. There are, however, areas in any style that can be improved, and that is where awareness is born. 


Neither is this an idealist approach to work, because some men need to be led with a stick or fear of punishment and some respond better to a carrot or a reward. A rare few just need a problem to solve to be motivated. The emotionally intelligent part is determining when carrots are needed and when to put the stick away, or how to use more carrots and less stick.

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