Boundless Blessings and God's Grace

Boundless Blessings and God's Grace

My Journey through Breast Cancer
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People Cynthia encountered on her breast cancer journey profoundly changed her perspective on life. They were varied ages and came from different circumstances, but the common thread they had was the fear when hearing the word “cancer.” Often she was a reluctant participant during her walk, knowing she had no choice if she intended to win her battle. She encouraged others with her smile, positive attitude, words, and actions.

Cynthia understands that within each of us is a fighting spirit, and hopefully, a recognition that we are not in total control of our lives; God is, and he will determine our passage from this world. Until then, we need to accept the difficulties that we encounter in our lives with dignity, grace, determination, and knowing that God is constantly by our side.

With the incredible support and prayers of an army of compassionate people, and God’s grace and blessings, Cynthia is a breast cancer survivor today!

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