Dealing with Our Fears When Letting Go Seems Impossible

Dealing with Our Fears When Letting Go Seems Impossible

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Life in the twenty-first century is fast-paced, loaded with busy schedules and looming deadlines, making it nearly impossible to keep up, let alone get ahead. With pressures and stresses injected into each day, we find ourselves riddled with insecurities. As Christians, we know full well that we are to “fret not,” but how in this world? Falling economies and soaring oil prices, wars popping up like flowers after the winter snows, and we are to “fret not”? Exactly!

Three and a half years into their service at this medical post, Dannie became totally blind and there was nothing that could be done. Dannie and Anne-Lise stayed to continue caring for the patients, trusting God to take care of them in this wild jungle environment.

Dealing with Our Fears when Letting Go Seems Impossible is liberally sprinkled with true stories from jungle life, serving to illustrate the lessons of the Lord in the area of fretting.

Do you find yourself fretting over:
• having enough faith?
• knowing God’s plan?
• waiting on God for an answer?
• trusting God?
• letting go of worries?

Contained within these pages are these lessons and a model applicable for any Christian who needs to find a way to cope in this stress-filled, high-tech world.

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