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Having confidence in the publishing package you purchase is extremely important. By providing you with the two most popular packages, you know you’re purchasing something that past Authors have had confidence in.

Westbow Press is excited to be offering you 15% off both Bookstore Advantage and Color Pro packages. Why are these so popular? These packages include our Booksellers Return Program.

The Booksellers Return Program gives Booksellers the added confidence in purchasing your book to put on their shelves. A lot of times, they will hesitate to order and stock books when they aren’t “returnable.” This is an essential piece to earning shelf space and in-store book signings.

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* Offer is only valid through August 31, 2018 and cannot be combined with any other offers. Only applies to the publishing packages listed. You must sign up for or already have an active Author Learning Center membership in order save 15% on select publishing packages.