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As a writer, you have a unique history and connection with your craft and your work that brought you to where you are today.There was a time when you wrote the first sentence of your work, and then experienced the thrill and satisfaction of finishing your manuscript. Even if your book is still just an idea you're tossing around in your mind,there is something that all aspiring authors have in common:you have a story to tell, a book to publish.

At WestBow Press, we understand that your work is more than just a book. It is a passion and a dream. It is a career. Our self-publishing company is designed to empower you to fulfill your dreams and reach your goals.

Begin Your Legacy

We supply everything you need to create and publish the book you envision easily, professionally and affordably. From custom design, top-notch editorial services and powerful marketing, you have the flexibility to choose a suite of services that fit your needs. If writing a book fulfills a lifelong dream of becoming a published author, this is your stepping stone to that dream. WestBow Press can help you share your story and start shaping your future today.

Discovery Opportunities

William Sirls talks about becoming a Thomas Nelson author

"It's one of the greatest feelings in the world."
---William Sirls

As a division of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan, WestBow Press titles will be regularly reviewed by the parent companies. For authors who hope to one day be signed by a traditional publisher, this is an opportunity to get your foot in the door. (Tweet) While there is no guarantee of the number of titles to be signed each year, Thomas Nelson and Zondervan will monitor the WestBow Press catalog for talented authors that rise to the top.

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Professional Self-Publishing Assistance

Terita and Aleesa St. Julian share their experience self-publishing with WestBow Press

Authors Terita and Aleesa St. Julian share
their publishing experience with WestBow Press.

Self-publishing means that you have the freedom to blaze your own trail to success. But that doesn't mean that you're left to figure everything out for yourself.By choosing to publish with WestBow Press, you also have an entire staff of experienced industry-professionals on your side. We provide continual support and assistance throughout the entire publishing process. From formatting your book's interior to designing your cover, we help your book live up to industry standards and take care of all the details. You can take advantage of our experience, but you remain in control.

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Established Editorial Standards

Pete Nikolai talks about the basis for WestBow Press' Editorial Standards

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Press’ biblically based editorial standards.

When you self-publish with WestBow Press, your book will be among good company. Each of our titles is held to our set of WestBow Press Editorial Standards, as defined on our Web site. You can review these standards to determine whether or not you share our values, which are based around the simple fact that we are a Christian self-publisher.

Because of these standards, readers will identify your WestBow Press title as one they can trust. Your book with a WestBow Press identity gives readers the confidence that your book was written from a Christian worldview, regardless of the subject matter of your book.Read more about our WestBow Press Editorial Standards.

Follow Your Calling

 Spread the Good News

Lynnda Ell is spreading the Good News with her
book, which has reached missionaries in India.

Lynnda Ell, author of Changing Me, Change the World and Words of Power, Echoes of Praise, was inspired to share the power of praying God’s words while watching her daughter recover after a car accident. Since then, her books of prayer have reached all over the world, including Russia, Austria, Great Britain and Mexico. She received the photo to the right from missionaries and church planters in Ranchi, India. Ell says she hopes her books will help Christians that feel dissatisfied or intimidated with prayer.

“Our world is shaken in every way on every continent. Regardless of a Christian’s location, culture, or circumstances, praying from the Bible ties us with unbreakable cords to the God who controls every facet of our lives,” says Ell.

Remembering Our Past to Glimpse into Our Future

WestBow Press honors the success of two titles.

Join us as we celebrate the success of two
WestBow Press authors whose books were
picked up by traditional publishers.

Join us as we celebrate the success of two WestBow Press authors whose books were picked up by traditional publishers: William Sirls, The Reason, and Annie Downs, Perfectly Unique...Watch Now ›

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