WestBow Press Author Mark Davidson's Book, "Daniel Revisited," Acquired by Thomas Nelson

WestBow Press Author Mark Davidson's Book, Daniel Revisited, Acquired by Thomas Nelson

In Daniel Revisited, Davidson makes the case that the book of Daniel reveals four specific events to occur in the end times prior to the Tribulation, beginning with the premise that the Bible points to a Muslim Antichrist emerging from the Middle East. 

Video Transcript

Daniel Revisited is a book about end-time Bible prophecy, and it presents a message that you've probably never heard of. In fact, it's a message that goes against 18 centuries of theology. Starting with the premise that the Antichrist is actually Islamic, instead of Roman, these signs, these specific signs given in Daniel and spoken of by Jesus are to tell us, to show us where we are on his timeline. These aren't about dates, they are about events and signs.

I realized I had a moral responsibility. I realized I had to be a watchman, and God was kind of, in my heart, was kind of shouting it at me. And so I realized I have to develop this message, I have to get all the research done, the ducks put in the row for history, and make all of the logical arguments, and that's why I self-published. I started writing in 2010 and so now, here we are. I have Daniel Revisited, the WestBow edition is actually the second edition of my work."

From WestBow Press to Thomas Nelson

Thomas Nelson contacted me and said, "Mark, we want to publish your book. We want to pick it up from WestBow." I thought, "Ah, Lord, okay. That's how you're doing it." I felt elated. I was giving glory to God because it was an answer to prayer. Thomas Nelson has just been so streamlined, so easy, and the folks there have really made it a joy. I love watching the Lord work, there's so many things, in so many ways that you just don't have to worry about and you just simply watch him work.