A Modern-Day Commentary (Midrash)
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The Bible is God’s inspired revelation to His people, and it is His enduring truth. Yet it can also be difficult for us to sometimes recognize how God’s revealed truths are relevant for us today—and even for all time. Especially when it comes to Old Testament scriptures, how can we focus our faith—and apply what we know today in the modern world—and discover the relevance and truth of these scriptures in a personal way?

In Genesis: A Modern-Day Commentary, author Judith Folse presents the story of Genesis as the first part of the whole story of God’s plan of redemption for humankind, but she relates the subject matter of Genesis to New Testament themes that focus on the relationship between God and humanity. In an easy-to-read style, this commentary illuminates the ancient problems of sin and violence that still affect us today, and it is intended for people of all faiths with a reverence for the Old Testament.

No matter your level of familiarity with the book of Genesis, approaching it in a new way will likewise renew your understanding of how timeless and relevant the Word of God is today. By identifying your common connection to the rest of humanity through biblical illustrations, you will not only recognize the ancient themes relevant to modern-day issues of world peace and human violence—you will also discover or rediscover the truth of God’s revealed, eternal words.

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