Just Middle Manager Next Great Leader

Just Middle Manager Next Great Leader

Expanding the Range of Your Leadership Style
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Just Middle Manager is traveling to the celestial city of influence to be renamed Next Great Leader. But what is a great leader? Is there one style of leadership or many? These questions and many more weigh on both Just Middle Manager’s back and his heart as he sets out to follow his dream. Just Middle Manager is the story every leader should read, bringing to life the archetypes of Carl Jung into the real world of leadership style. Just Middle Manager is brought face-to-face with typical leader archetypes like ruler and warrior but also discovers nuggets of truth from the lesser known destroyer, lover, and orphan. Reading this enchanting fable that is more than just another boring business book will challenge you: Just Middle Manager or Next Great Leader?

What other leaders* are saying about Just Middle Manager: Next Great Leader

  • Leader Innocent—Provides leadership hope
  • Leader Orphan—Words warning leaders
  • Leader Warrior—Provides discipline for leaders
  • Leader Caregiver—Helps leaders
  • Leader Seeker—A great adventure for all leaders
  • Leader Lover—A leadership book to embrace
  • Leader Destroyer—Teaches leaders how to let go
  • Leader Creator—Inspires leaders to be creative
  • Leader Ruler—Well-organized thoughts for leaders
  • Leader Magician—Transforming words for leaders
  • Leader Sage—Nuggets of wisdom for leaders
  • Leader Jester—A great and fun story for leaders
  • *Not familiar with these twelve leaders? Allow them to introduce themselves through the story of Just Middle Manager: Next Great Leader. When you finish, you may find one or two of them may actually be you!

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