One Man One Woman

One Man One Woman

God’s Original Design for Marriage
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One Man One Woman takes an in-depth look at the marriage relationship of one man and one woman and how it reflects the beauty of Christ’s relationship with his church.

One Man One Woman is a book about what was in God’s mind as he made the first man and the first woman and subsequently, how we can discover the closest relationship possible with both God and spouse. In this book, we explore how pornography, adultery, homosexuality, and judging one another breaks the oneness relationship and distracts us from focusing on what we should be focusing on—that is, spreading the Gospel and calling others to repentance and a turning away from sin.

One Man One Woman is also about learning how to handle some of the many relationship challenges we face as imperfect beings living in an ever-corrupting world. While Christianity seemingly slumbers on, sexual identity is becoming a matter of subjective preference and choice rather than birthright and blessing. Traditional marriage is ever weakening under fire and conventional sex is taking a back seat to alternative sexual exploration. Consequently, divorce rates are accelerating, and Christian marriage values are succumbing into a minority view. But God had a plan in the beginning, and marriage was and still is an integral part of that plan.

In the Gospel of John, Jesus uses an Eastern wedding custom when announcing he was leaving “to prepare a place for you,” thus signaling the beginning of the end, the impending wedding ceremony, and the imminent start of eternity with him. People, get ready—Jesus is returning soon!

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