What Is the Condition of Your Heart According To The Scriptures?

What Is the Condition of Your Heart According To The Scriptures?

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  • Published: July 2019
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  • Pages: 146
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  • ISBN: 9781973667070
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What are you treasuring in your heart, and is your heart good ground?

I believe the condition of our hearts will determine how much of the power of God will continually work in our lives. The condition of your heart does not affect how much God loves you or how he sees you. God sees us perfect in Christ Jesus. The condition of your heart will affect how you relate and see God. “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God” (Matthew 5:8). “God never condemns us but loves us unconditionally” (Romans 8:1). The heart is affected by what we are looking at, the people we hang out with, what we are listening to, what we are reading, what we are watching, whom we are speaking to, the universities we attend, or what we are focused on. When our heart is like the heart of God, the power of the Holy Spirit freely flows and is not restricted. The Bible says, “We access grace by faith,” but unbelief and doubt in the heart will choke faith, and so we are not as fruitful. Remember in Galatians 4:6, God sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying, “Abba, Father.” If our hearts are defiled with unbelief, doubt, fear, or a sinful conscience, we restrict the power of the Holy Spirit. This occurs because the heart is like a conduit for the power of the Holy Spirit to flow out to our mind, body, soul, and all that God desires to do in and through us. If we put the world in, we get the world out, which leads us to a defeated life and keeps us from entering into His rest. The author uses scripture after scripture to show his point. If you are a person who wants not just the author’s opinion but also Scripture to back everything up, this book is for you.

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