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Marcia Moston

" I felt the Lord had laid out opportunities for me."

Marcia Moston discusses publishing her book Call of a Coward with WestBow Press, winning the Women of Faith writing competition, and getting picked up by Thomas Nelson Publishing.

Video Transcript

I’m Marcia Moston, I wrote the book Call of a Coward. A few years ago when I was teaching high school, I would tell my students my stories and, of course, they liked that because it passed time, but they also encouraged me. They would say, “Mrs. Moston, you ought to write a book.”

WestBow took all the fear and apprehension out of my publishing experience. When the book arrives, I mean, there it is. You see your words all tidily lined up between pages and there’s this really nice cover. I’m not an exuberant person but I just had a sense of gratitude that I had done what I felt the Lord had laid out opportunities for me to do and here was a beautiful finished product.

Women of Faith

I was just checking people’s blogs and I saw the contest. I thought it was really a perfect fit – I am a woman of faith, I’ve lived a journey of faith – so I felt pretty confident about entering it. The phone rang at 2:30 in the morning and it was a friend and I couldn’t imagine what in the world she would be calling me at 2:30 in the morning. And then it occurred to me – I’m pretty low key and she’s a really enthusiastic – I thought, “I bet she looked at the website.” So I got up at 2:30 in the morning and checked the website and I saw that I had won. Of course I was excited, but I really just wanted to sit with the Lord a while and just sort of soak in being a woman of faith and what that really meant.

Before I had won, at one point, I remember thinking about my book, and I saw the pages of my book flying off like when you download a file online and the files fly – well that’s what I saw with the pages of my book. Well at first I felt, “Oh my goodness. Pages of my book are being scattered all over place.” And then I just knew, “No, I am finally giving this book up to God. I am just releasing these pages to Him and it no longer matters. I’m not striving. I’m giving this book to Him.” After that I was pretty peaceful. So when I saw I had won, it felt really good.

Marcia’s Takeaway

I think the message I really wanted people to take away from this story was one of encouragement. My hope is for the future that – even if I’m in a situation where things aren’t turning out the way I think, even if it looks as if that God I banked on wasn’t answering my prayers – we haven’t seen the end of the story. We don’t know what he can do with our struggles, our failures, our disappointments – we don’t know the end of the story.