Finding the Confidence to Write and Publish

Finding the Confidence to Write and Publish

Whether it’s because of rejection by several traditional publishers or lacking the courage to finish a manuscript, many authors suffer from a lack the confidence to actually publish their work. Though this sometimes lasts only a short while, a lack of confidence can keep you from sharing your words and God's messages (Click to Tweet). Luckily, there are ways to conquer self doubt and keep on the path to success.

Do more of what you love

Authors generally have something in common: a love of reading and writing. Read books that inspire you to write, as well as books outside of your genre. Soak up other author’s writing styles and sentence structures to help you narrow-in on your own style and voice. There is a big chance that exploring others’ work will affirm confidence in yourself.

Just as a musician practices their instrument, a writer must practice writing (Click to Tweet). Write for no other purpose than to write. This eliminates the pressure of writing for a potential book or to impress others. Write in your journal or in a blog. Write short stories, chapters, notes or poems to practice word flow and sentence structure. Practice makes perfect.

Don’t be afraid to share

Get your work out any way you can. Meet with other authors in author groups to critique work and offer praises. Put your work up on the Internet via blogs. Let your friends and family members read your work. Stage fright will end when you see your work being read and well-received.

Accept criticism and praise

Receiving criticism can be disheartening, but it should be accepted as welcome feedback. Try to understand the critique from an objective point of view, and don't take any criticism personally. It could be the extra help you needed to push your book from "good" to "excellent."

Similarly, accept praise with thanks. Keep the praise in mind when you go through troubling times and remember that you are praiseworthy. Just be sure not to let the praise get in the way of bettering your book. An honest critique will help your book reach its true potential.

Why do you want to be a writer?

Ask yourself, "What is driving me to write?" Pray about it. Visualize your goal and keep it in your mind’s eye. You are meant to share a message; perhaps you are called to share God's messages. Dig deep inside yourself to find the courage to write it.