5 Reasons to Choose a Christian Publisher

5 Reasons to Choose a Christian Publisher

Selecting the right Christian publisher for your book is not easy. Considering such factors as cost, services and marketability can be overwhelming enough without having to determine if a publisher upholds the same values as you do.

If you are a Christian and believe that a publisher should have the same values you do, then consider publishing with WestBow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson & Zondervan. You can rest assured that we will uphold your values with our WestBow Press Editorial Standards for book publishing, and in turn, readers will have greater trust in your book (Click to Tweet).

Here are five reasons why choosing a Christian publisher could be the best option for you:

1. Live up to our established WestBow Press Editorial Standards. As a division of Thomas Nelson & Zondervan, we are committed to upholding our established WestBow Press Editorial Standards for the books we publish. Having Editorial Standards that state what we believe and what we expect from our authors does set us apart from other self-publishers. Even though we are a self-publishing company, we will not publish a book that does not align with our WestBow Press Editorial Standards. Read more about our Christian publisher standards.

2. Write from a Christian worldview. When you publish with WestBow Press you are publishing with a “Christian content company.” This means we want our authors to explore many different topics and genres, but to always be writing about them from a Christian worldview. Within the Christian worldview there is freedom to explore and not be constrained by a publisher for being “too Christian.”

3. Gain the trust of Christian readers. Readers who pick up a WestBow Press title know they are receiving a quality Christian book from a publisher they can trust. We want readers to have confidence that WestBow Press products are consistent and come from authors who strive to live out the Christian faith.

4. Access to Christian bookstores. As WestBow Press grows, more Christian bookstores, distributors and retailers are noticing and buying. Considering that most Christian book retailers only want to work with Christian book distributors, the chances of your book ending up in a Christian bookstore are greater than if you were publishing with a secular publisher.

5. Remain in Control. Christian self-publishing gives you freedom over your book that traditional publishing does not. When you publish with WestBow Press you keep the rights to your book, allowing you to have final say in your book's cover design, layout and editing (Click to Tweet). This freedom allows you to pursue the book you envision.

As a Christian, there are many reasons why publishing with a Christian publisher works in your favor (Click to Tweet). If you’re serious about becoming a published author and fulfilling your dreams start your journey with a Christian publisher today.