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Authors share their experience self-publishing with WestBow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson & Zondervan

See what authors have to say about self-publishing with WestBow Press. To learn more about whether WestBow Press is right for you and your book, talk to a publishing consultant at 866.928.1240.

WestBow Press review by author Cheryl L. Jubrey

Cheryl L. Jubrey | Topics, Promises, and Prophecies of the Bible

"I've enjoyed working with everyone I've been in contact with at WestBow Press. Thank you for such a pleasant experience."

WestBow Press review by author Jenny Matula

Jenny Matula | Smile! Even If Your Life Is Upside Down

"The editorial service was very helpful, especially for someone like me with English as second language. I appreciated every correction. As I read my story, I still hear myself, only with better English!"

Nickie Carter, WestBow Press author of The Faith of Lonely Mr. First Pew

Nickie Carter | The Faith of Lonely Mr. First Pew

"I would recommend this WestBow Press to all of my writing friends."

G. Alton Adams, WestBow Press author of A Soul's Romancing

G. Alton Adams | A Soul's Romancing

"I have only the highest of praise for the WestBow staff from beginning to finish. I always felt that my work was valued and appreciated, and I was treated with utmost respect and courteousness. Your staff was professional with heart. Many, many thanks."

WestBow Press review by author Janette Yogerst

Janette Yogerst | Mystic Vision

"I have been thrilled with this experience. Everyone at WestBow Press has been entirely professional and helpful. Thank you to the design team. The book proofs are amazing. Thank you to my editor, it would not have been the quality it has turned out to be without your expertise!"

WestBow Press review by author Barbara A. F. Brehon

Barbara A. F. Brehon | Beyond Discipleship to Relationship

"I appreciate working with a team of Christian professionals. Each person so far has handled my books and myself as though they have personal relationships with the Lord. It makes me feel like I have an expert working with me for each step of the publishing process. When they get my manuscript, each team member focuses on the one thing. I like that. It encourages me to produce higher quality writing for God's glory."

Ms. Penny Praise, WestBow Press author of Hoppin' John Celebrates Easter

Ms. Penny Praise | Hoppin' John Celebrates Easter

"I've been very impressed with the way everything has been handled this far and I'm looking forward to the final product. I would recommend WestBow Press to anyone. The quality of service that I have received has been very professional. Thank you!"

WestBow Press review by author Saralyn R. Bulovas

Saralyn R. Bulovas | Did You Ever Wonder Why?

"Glad I chose WestBow. Everyone was helpful and patient with me. This was my first book, and I really had no idea of what I was doing. My illustration team was amazing!"

Dottie Rexford, WestBow Press author of Cora Pooler

Dottie Rexford | Cora Pooler

"The WestBow staff has been exceedingly respectful, patient, clear in their instruction and expectations, and likeable. They have made, and continue to make, this experience pleasant."

Liane De Witt, WestBow Press author of Let Your Heart Take Flight

Liane De Witt | Let Your Heart Take Flight

"I have a lot to learn and I've really appreciated the guidance and advice from the various team players in the process so far. They've allowed me to ask questions, reason, debate and to guide me to the best conclusion (including helping me to understand why). I really appreciated that. It made me feel more part of the process and I've really enjoyed that."

WestBow Press Review by Rebeccah Apling, author of The Gutenberg Connection

Rebeccah Apling | The Gutenberg Connection

"I feel that WestBow Press offers a bargain for its services, and I'm looking forward to publishing my next two novels and hopefully several journals with them."

WestBow Press review by author Renee Noseworthy

Renee Noseworthy | Our Father

"As a first-time author, this process has been completely unknown to me. It has been comforting to feel that all involved have understood that and done all they could to make this as easy as possible."

Tony Foglio, WestBow Press author of The Troll of Newburg

Tony Foglio | The Troll of Newburg

“The editing department far exceeded my expectations. I was amazed at the quality and obvious time put into the manuscript. The recommendations were not only clear, but enhanced and clarified the story. If anyone is thinking of self-publishing, the editorial staff at WestBow Press is as good as it gets.”

Karen Frantz, WestBow Press author of Children's Parables

Karen Frantz | Children's Parables

"I think what I appreciate most is the personal touch. It goes a long way when dealing with people, and I appreciate it so much."

Colin Brown, WestBow Press author of Outside the Camp

Colin Brown | Outside the Camp

"I am truly grateful for the help I received, and the professional service my editor provided that has strengthened my message."

WestBow Press review by author Gina Gallagher

Gina Gallagher | Whispers of His Movement

"It has been a pleasure to work with the WestBow staff. I am proud of my book and am anxious to see what God does with it."

WestBow Press review by author Jeanne Amersfoort

Jeanne Amersfoort | The Terminal Reunion

"This is my third time publishing with WestBow Press. They always do such professional work. I appreciate it."

WestBow Press review by author Judith Hall Simon

Judith Hall Simon | Before the Door Closes

"I love the hands-on experience of the publishing process."

Tyler Myers, WestBow Press author of From Life... and from the Heart

Tyler Myers | From Life... and from the Heart

"The people at WestBow Press are pretty cool, helpful people! God bless everyone at WestBow Press!"

Michael E. Pfeil, WestBow Press author of RAPTURE of the CHURCH

Michael E. Pfeil | RAPTURE of the CHURCH

"Having published only once before with another company, the single thing that I am most pleased about is the WestBow team's in-depth focus on fully understanding my expectations. This has truly been a wonderful experience."

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