His Truth in Living Words

His Truth in Living Words

For the Weekend Warriors of Modern Times

A handful of radicals born and raised in California in the seventies got deported as youth to less liberal states for reform—places like Pecos High School in Pecos, Texas, where bible-backed communities sew them through graduation. Some rebels went off to college, a few took root, and others hit the highway.

During peacetime in the Armed Forces dorm life overseas consisted of work, study, and party, in that order. In the military hard-working substance abusers go unchallenged—that is, until they are discharged, court-martialed, or rehabilitated.

After discharge, service-orientated veterans take home trades. Skilled technicians like electricians, carpenters, heating and plumbing tradespeople. Young fallen away veterans that are Christian can work and live virtually unscathed because in their early years work, party, and Church made sense; it’s what parents did. Attending Sunday service was about the gist of religious life for some, but eventually party animals get smacked with reality; relationships, booze, and drugs don’t mix.

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