Established Editorial Standards

At WestBow Press, a Christian publisher, each title adheres to a set of Editorial Standards established by parent company, Thomas Nelson Inc. These standards are part of who we are as a publisher, and that identity also carries over to our books and our authors.

By reviewing our Editorial Standards, you can be confident that your title will be associated with a publishing company that shares your basic values and beliefs. You can also be confident that readers will also understand the quality of message that comes along with WestBow Press titles. Although we are a self-publishing company, each title must meet these standards in order to carry the WestBow Press brand.

The following key facts highlight the main points of the full version of the Editorial Standards, established by Thomas Nelson.

We Are a Christian Publisher

At Thomas Nelson, we often refer to ourselves as “a Christian content company.” However, we understand our identity as a Christian content provider in a very different way than most of our competitors.

Like them, we want all of our messages to be delivered from the perspective of a Christian worldview. This is the foundation of our content program. However, unlike many of them, our communicators are free to explore any subject they wish.  

We Hope to Publish Authors Who Share Our Vision, Mission and Values

Content flows out of a worldview and, ultimately, out of a writer’s heart (cf. Matthew 12:34, 35). To say it another way, we want to align ourselves with people who share our vision, our mission and our values. “How can two walk together unless they agree” (Amos 3:3)? This is where it starts.

Specifically, we want to publish:

  • Authors who profess a personal faith in Jesus Christ. 
  • Authors who embrace the central truths of historic Christianity. 
  • Authors who seek to live according to the standards of biblical morality. 

We Want to Publish Books on a Wide Variety of Topics

We have used Philippians 4:8 ... as an inspiration for how broad and expansive our publishing program could be. The verse says,

Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.

Notice the word whatever. It is repeated six times and then followed by the word anything. Based on this verse, we believe that Christians are free to think or write about anything—whatever they want!—provided it meets eight minimal criteria: (1) It must be true (2) It must be noble (3) It must be just (4) It must be pure (5) It is lovely (6) It is of good report (7) It is virtuous (8) It is praiseworthy. 

We Want Readers to Have Confidence In Our Books

The reason we have content standards is because we want to be faithful to Christ as we fulfill His call on our lives. And we also want our customers to be able to trust us. We want people to have confidence that our products are consistent with a Christian worldview, are created by people who profess to be Christians and are striving to walk the talk, regardless of the subject matter they may be addressing.

At WestBow Press, we want to help you reach out to readers around the world.

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