WestBow Press | Lighthouse Recognition Program

WestBow Press presents the Lighthouse Recognition Program 

Lighthouse Recognition Program

WestBow Press supports our authors’ efforts to share God’s message with as many people as possible. To reward titles that have shown notable bookselling and marketability results and encourage their continued achievement, we created the Lighthouse Recognition Program.

Lighthouse Recognition Program books are revised free of charge to showcase the designation and given special perks from WestBow Press and HarperCollins Christian Publishing.

How to Qualify

Your title must sell either 1,500 print or 1,500 e-book copies in the retail channel in order to be admitted into the Lighthouse Recognition Program. Just as traditionally published titles demonstrate marketability through retail success, self-published titles must also have a proven ability to target a book-buying audience and reach that audience using methods beyond direct sales. WestBow Press will notify you when you qualify for Lighthouse status and offer you admission to the program. Admission to the Lighthouse Recognition Program is offered no more than three times per year.

Program Benefits

From HarperCollins Christian Publishing:

From WestBow Press:

  • Featured placement on the front page of the WestBow Press online bookstore for a limited time
  • Placement of your book in the Lighthouse section of the WestBow Press online bookstore
  • Support through WestBow Press social media accounts for a limited time
  • An opportunity to guest blog once on the WestBow Press blog
  • Placement of the Lighthouse logo on the back cover of your book
  • Placement of the Lighthouse logo on your WestBow Press online bookstore page
  • Cover Copy Polish editorial service
  • 10 free softcover books

To learn more, visit the Lighthouse Recognition Program FAQ section.